Drug Rehab Phoenix

Drug Rehab Phoenix

Purpose Healing Center promotes some of the most innovative and advanced rehabilitation programs for all types and levels of addiction. Our treatment of drug rehab in Phoenix is unique both in its approach, as well as the types of services at display.

How long does it take to break addiction?

Recent studies have shown that it takes approximately 90 days to completely reset the brain and eliminate the compulsive behavior of addiction entirely. Previously, the consensus was that 21 days are enough to achieve that, which we now know it to be false. The fact that it takes around three months to break the addiction reveals one critical aspect of the rehabilitation treatment – the detoxification procedure doesn’t suffice.

You cannot rely on medical detoxification procedures to eliminate the withdrawal, since detox treatments last approximately 14 days. Prolonged medication-assisted treatments are also undesirable since they can create a new vicious circle, potentially triggering new forms of addiction in time. So, what’s the solution? The solution involves a form of treatment which spans over years to come.

The best drug rehabilitation treatment

The ideal treatment against drug addiction should consider several core strategies, like:

Therapy and counseling – All victims of addiction will display various degrees of mental disease, aside from the addiction itself. Through behavioral therapies and emotional support and counseling, we help to balance your psychological functioning, allowing you to become more confident, optimistic, and resolute in your journey.

Spiritual healing – Our spiritual advisors will help you harness your inner resources to heal through the power of faith. Through yoga, guided meditation, equine therapy, or faith-based programs, you will achieve immense spiritual growth that will redefine you as a person. It represents one of the core features of our drug rehab in Phoenix, and it will deliver amazing benefits even if you are not a particularly religious individual.

Relapse prevention education and social reintegration – Most rehab facilities sin by not preparing the patient for social reintegration. By doing so, they fail at providing the patients with a system to prevent long-term relapse. We have a team of life coaches and health professionals ready to assist you long-term, making sure you remain sober and healthy even after leaving our rehab center.

What is the cure to addiction?

Chemical addiction is chronic in nature, which means there is no real cure to discuss. Like in the case of other chronic disorders, the only way to escape the condition is by adopting a long-term management system. In this sense, every detail counts, including:

  • Eating habits
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Workout routine
  • Family relationships
  • Social life
  • Financial status
  • Career prospects
  • Hobbies and passions
  • Mindset and moral values, etc.

To remain drug-free, you must be ready to change as a person. During our drug rehab in Phoenix, you will learn how to improve as an individual, as you become aware of your faults and strive to overcome them every day.

Contact Purpose Healing Center, and tell us how we can help you! We are available around the clock for an appointment, clinical assessment, and extensive treatment and support.

Drug Rehab Phoenix