Drug Detox Scottsdale

Do I need to enter a drug detox in Scottsdale to get clean? This is a question many people ask when they realize they have an issue with drugs, alcohol, or both. The truth is that millions of people suffer from some addiction, many unaware they have a problem. The first step in the recovery journey is reversing the psychological and physical effects by starting the detox process.

Anyone experiencing addiction is best off learning how detox and treatment go hand-in-hand. The more you educate yourself on withdrawal symptoms for certain drugs and how detox is beneficial, the easier it is to select the perfect program to suit your needs.

What Is Drug Detox In Scottsdale?

Detox is short for detoxification, which is ridding toxins from your body. Substances like alcohol and drugs must leave your system if you hope to move into a life of sobriety and overall better health.

Anyone going through alcohol or drug detox will usually experience some mental, emotional, and physical withdrawal. These symptoms could be mild all the way to extremely uncomfortable as the body releases itself from being dependent on the substance it had gotten used to.

Detoxification can be extremely challenging and overwhelming to attempt on your own to do it successfully. It is also generally more effective and safer when you have the support of mental health and medical professionals at a good facility. Here at Purpose Healing Center, we have medical personnel and counselors ready and able to handle the most severe symptoms people go through while withdrawing.

What Causes Withdrawals?

Whenever someone drinks alcohol or uses drugs regularly, the body will adjust to the substance and expect it over time. Long-term drug or alcohol use can dramatically alter brain chemistry like other medications. The brain will start craving the reward that the substance brings, and eventually, the impulse-control mechanisms in the brain become damaged. Once this happens, the person becomes physiologically dependent on the substance. They rely on it to function and feel normal in their world.

As a person goes into the withdrawal process, their body has to recalibrate to develop a new normal. Over time, the body will regain homeostasis and no longer depends on the substance. However, the transition brings temporary hiccups within the brain chemistry. This is where physical symptoms begin, often alongside mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms.

Get Started On Your Journey Into Recovery Today

There is nothing wrong with admitting you are unsure if it is time for you to enter into a drug detox in Scottsdale to get help. We are here at Purpose Healing Center to work with you so you can move through the withdrawal process and into the subsequent phases of treatment. You have a life with a purpose waiting for you; our facility and staff can help you build the strong foundation you need. If you wish to learn more about intake, our financing options, and our programs, give us a call at Purpose Healing Center at (480) 579-3319.

Drug Detox Scottsdale

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