Drug Detox Phoenix

Many people mistakenly think drug rehabilitation means heading into a facility for meetings. However, the first phase of quitting drugs or alcohol must be taking part in professional drug detox in Phoenix. Drug detoxification works to help addicts safely quit using alcohol and drugs. The symptoms can be uncomfortable to life-threatening. However, participating in a program that offers medically-supervised detox is very helpful.

Detox Is Essential In The Recovery Journey

Whenever you grow dependent on a substance, you will have withdrawals shortly after you stop taking it. Without the right support or guidance, people addicted to drugs or alcohol find it challenging, if not impossible, to navigate all the symptoms of withdrawal.

Quality drug detox in Phoenix ensures you have the groundwork for long-term sobriety. You also have the chance to address all the physical symptoms that come during the withdrawal process. After the withdrawals quell, the patient can move into treating the psychological and emotional aspects of treatment within a rehab program.

How Can You Define Detox?

To put it simply, detoxification is the body’s phase when ridding itself of unwanted substances. Many people refer to this phase as detox, and you want to choose medical detox when at risk for severe withdrawal symptoms. During the medical detox, you may be given supplements or medications to help ease intense cravings and withdrawals to make it safer and prevent relapse.

Why Not Choose At-Home Detox?

Should you be severely addicted to alcohol or drugs like fentanyl or heroin, know that there can be extremely intense withdrawal symptoms. Depending on how long you have been using, the types of substances abused, and other health conditions, you may be at risk for life-threatening effects. This is why undergoing medically supervised detox followed by a rehab program is the best course of action for many addicts.

Know What To Expect

Remember that detox is individualized, so you need to seek a facility that can tailor a program to your needs. Always choose a qualified, trusted facility so that you get the utmost care and guidance during this time. Some things that you can expect from entering Purpose Healing Center as your drug detox in Phoenix include:

  • Assessment – we run tests, assess mental and physical health, and learn more about your addiction journey.
  • Withdrawals – these symptoms happen during detox, and severity depends on factors like use frequency, the level taken, and the types of drugs abused.
  • Medications and Supplements – some supplements and pharmaceuticals are proven to help lessen withdrawal side effects.
  • 24-hour care – you will always have support staff available to assist, ensuring your safety during detox and moving into rehabilitation.

At Purpose Healing Center, we know that you may be nervous, dealing with mood swings, and worried about body discomfort, nausea, and more. We will talk with you about your addiction to learn as much as we can so that we can formulate a solid plan for detox and recovery. Call us at (480) 579-3319 to learn more about our drug detox in Phoenix and the next phase of treatment.

Drug Detox Phoenix

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