Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Scottsdale

Purpose Healing Center is one of the high-end evidence-based treatment centers in Scottsdale, AZ, for alcohol and drug addiction. We are one of the few drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale with a Joint commission accreditation, 24-hour medical care and support, and the best treatment staff.

Amenities and facilities we offer

At our Scottsdale drug and alcohol addiction, we offer treatment in a home-like setting equipped with modern and high-end amenities. Our patients get to heal and recover in a luxurious treatment facility that offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Our rehab facility is set in a serene and calming environment, offering perfect relaxation and peace of mind for patients to overcome addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

We arrange a variety of recreational activities for our patients like guided meditation, yoga, 12-step groups, etc., to equip our patients with assertiveness, rational thinking, and perseverance. Besides using psychotherapies, counseling, and medication management, we also take care of our patients’ physical and mental wellbeing by engaging them in regular physical exercise and other fitness programs. Furthermore, all our recovering addicts have access to well-balanced nutritious meals that nourishes them to give their 100% in rehab.

Our treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction

On the outward, we offer three major programs to treat addiction, inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient rehab program. Under these programs, we offer a series of wellness treatments and therapies such as counseling, individual and group therapy, 12-step support group session, and medication management.

The psychotherapies that we offer, such as rational emotive therapy, contingency management, motivational interviewing, and community reinforcement, etc., play a pivotal role in enabling patients to overcome their mental disorders. We also organize support group sessions from time to time to help patients find peer support and to share their challenges and success stories with a group of people battling similar evils.

Substance-specific treatment options

While we follow the same model for all types of substance abuse issues, there are a few alterations that we make to the treatment course based on the substance of abuse. Some of our substance-specific treatments include:

  • Cocaine addiction treatment – We start treatment for cocaine addiction with medical detox and recommend our patients to partake in inpatient rehabilitation therapy. Inpatient rehab increases an individual’s chances of successful recovery from cocaine.
  • Heroin addiction treatment – We treat an addiction to heroin with counseling, individual and group therapy, and medications. At our Drug and alcohol rehab in Scottsdale, we encourage our patients to attend support groups and make certain lifestyle changes for the best treatment outcomes.
  • Marijuana addiction treatment – Marijuana is one of the hardest drugs to give up and can involve severe withdrawal symptoms. Individuals must attend an inpatient rehab program with medical detox to fully overcome marijuana addiction.

Speak to one of us at Purpose Healing Center to join our Scottsdale recovery center. We are one of the few drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale with a comfortable treatment setting, a swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor dining area, and a compassionate staff team. We offer our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs at the lowest price to make treatment affordable to all.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Scottsdale

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