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It’s possible to safely detox from drugs with the help of professionals. Facilities that offer medical detox can prevent numerous complications that might be experienced if you try detoxing alone. At Purpose Healing Center, we offer top-of-the-line detox in Phoenix AZ. Our medical detox focuses on your long-term sobriety. With our round-the-clock care and monitoring from trained professionals, we can protect your health throughout the detox process.

Dangers Of Drug Addiction

Substance abuse can lead to severe consequences in almost every area of your life, including:


Addiction to drugs can take a serious toll on your health. There are many short and long-term health effects associated with addiction. These vary based on your general health, drug type, and how much and how often it’s abused.

Some of the side effects of addiction are:

  • A weakened immune system that makes you more likely to develop infections and illnesses
  • Heart conditions like abnormal heart rate collapsed veins, and heart attack
  • Lung disease
  • Liver damage or failure
  • Issues with memory, decision-making, and attention which lower your quality of life
  • Stroke, brain damage, and seizures

Worse still, drug addiction can be fatal. It’s estimated that over 90 Americans die daily from overdosing on opioids alone.

Social Life

As your drug addiction intensifies, your personal relationships with your spouse, other family members, and friends become strained or damaged. It can get to a point where you avoid spending time with your loved ones just to use drugs. You may start ignoring calls or invites to social gatherings. Your behavior can also change for the worst. For instance, you may become aggressive and even violent toward the people close to you, ruining valuable relationships.


Drug addiction can spiral out of control pretty fast, making you want to use drugs all the time while neglecting all else. As a result, you may end up losing your job. If you’re not wealthy, your financial woes can quickly catch up with you. From unpaid utilities to getting behind on rent or mortgage payments, you may find yourself in a fix or, worse homeless.

There are also medical complications that may arise from substance abuse. Drug-related health conditions can require costly treatment or long-term care, further putting a dent in your finances.

Additionally, drugs cost money. The longer you abuse drugs, the more tolerance you’ll develop. That means you’ll need a higher dose of the drug to achieve the same effect. Using more drugs means spending more money.

Addiction to drugs is a long-term disease that takes over your life, including finances. The only way to stop addiction is to seek professional help.

Legal consequences

Drug addiction can land you in legal problems. Without a source of income, you can start stealing to fund your drug use. Moreover, you may be arrested and even face jail time if you’re caught using illegal drugs or driving under the influence. Going to rehab can stop your addiction and possible repercussions like jail time and fines.

You Can Overcome Your Addiction

At Purpose Healing Center, we provide safe, comfortable detox in Phoenix AZ. Our facility is staffed with experienced and professional addiction specialists who offer personalized supervision and management of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. With our help, you can leave addiction behind and turn your life around for the better. Ready to seek help for your addiction? Contact us today to get started

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At Purpose Healing Center, we understand that addiction can be hard to overcome. That is why we proudly offer a medical detox program in Phoenix, AZ as part of our comprehensive approach to helping individuals and families heal from the pain of addiction.Our medical detox facility provides a safe environment where clients can begin their journey toward sobriety with the care and professional assistance of our knowledgeable staff.With 24/7 staffing and individualized treatment plans to …