Arizona Alcohol Rehab Centers

Purpose Healing Center is one of the top Arizona alcohol rehab centers with treatment programs like rational emotive therapy, psycho-educational group therapy, community reinforcement, and contingency management interventions. We offer these highly effective behavioral therapies in conjunction with detox programs for alcohol abuse in Phoenix, AZ, by a team of skilled therapists and staff.

What makes us the best choice for alcohol addiction treatment? 

At our treatment facility, we offer alcohol-specific rehabilitation programs for our patients to help them overcome both their addiction as well as the co-occurring mental health issues. Our alcohol addiction treatment follows a holistic approach, where we offer therapies to heal the mind, soul, and body.

Our alcohol addiction treatment encompasses a medical detox program, individual counseling sessions, support groups, behavioral therapy sessions, and medication management. We also offer ongoing care programs exclusively for newly sober former alcoholics to help them effectively cope with triggers and cravings after rehab.

Benefits of medical detox in treating alcohol abuse

Alcohol detox is a medical procedure where we use certain drugs in specific dosages to help patients overcome a collection of symptoms that they experience when they quit alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, and the best way to safeguard patients from the ill-effects is by administering a medical detox program. 

Furthermore, patients with long-term alcohol abuse conditions suffer from poor coordination and judgment. For such patients, medical detox helps remove the toxic remains of alcohol from their body and brain and helps restore impaired brain chemistry and corrects the damaged connections between neurons. Withdrawal from alcohol can cause severe physical pain, body aches, fatigue, insomnia, and mental distress. Some patients also indulge in self-destructive behaviors to escape the physical and mental pain of withdrawal. Medical detox helps reduce the pain caused by withdrawal symptoms and enables patients to overcome the symptoms in a calm, composed, pain-free manner.

Preventing relapse after rehab

At our alcohol and drug rehab, we offer facility-based programs, therapy, and counseling to patients after their time in our treatment center to ensure that they do not relapse. We offer ongoing care programs on a daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basis, to ensure that patients maintain their newly attained sobriety in the long-term. Besides, we are one of the few alcohol recovery centers to offer the best relapse prevention education to our patients. We create a custom relapse plan for each of our patients to help them steer through the challenges and stressful situations that they face after rehab.

We also use a variety of therapies such as rational emotive therapy, family therapy, community reinforcement, etc., to equip recovering addicts with effective defense and coping mechanisms that allow them to deal with triggers and cravings logically. All our programs increase awareness in patients allowing them to analyze every situation before reacting to them rationally. We also conduct weekly AA support group sessions for our alumni patients to encourage them in their recovery journey.

Get in touch with us at Purpose Healing Center for more details on our alcohol and drug detox in Arizona. We are one of the few licensed and affordable Arizona alcohol rehab centers with a modern treatment facility and high-end amenities.