Alcohol Detox Phoenix

Purpose Healing Center is a top-rated alcohol and drug rehab with the country’s best therapists and other clinical staff. We offer highly effective alcohol detox in Phoenix in a safe inpatient setting, where we offer 24/7 surveillance and medical support to all our patients.

How are we different from other alcohol recovery centers?

We are a top-rated rehab with the best amenities, highly qualified staff, and alcohol-specific rehabilitation programs. We engage each of our patients in a combination of treatments and therapies such as medical detox, counseling, individual and group therapy, support groups, and medication management to help them overcome addiction.

We not only address addiction and co-occurring disorders with our addiction treatment, but we also equip our patients with essential coping mechanisms to help them tackle cravings, triggers, and stressful situations. This reduces the chances of relapse in individuals and helps them lead a healthy and drug-free life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treating alcoholism

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is hands-on psychotherapy and a more effective alternative to other therapies. It is an action-focused treatment that trains recovering addicts on a variety of coping techniques to overcome triggers and stressful situations. We use CBT exercises such as thought records, behavioral experiments, imagery-based exposure, and pleasant activity schedule to help patients reduce negative thoughts that often provoke the thought of consuming alcohol.

We offer patients a minimum of 16 CBT sessions to create an impact on recovering addicts. For patients suffering from severe addiction conditions, we may increase the number of sessions to garner better results. We offer this therapy as a part of our inpatient and outpatient program, along with our individual and group therapy sessions. By encouraging patients to revisit their traumatic and disturbing memories continually, we help recovering addicts overcome their traumatic memories with CBT.

Treating alcohol abuse with Yoga

Holistic treatments like guided mediation, music and art therapy, tai chi, yoga, etc. play a pivotal role in treating substance abuse. Yoga, in particular, helps individuals attain physical and mental wellness. Yoga means union, and this physical form of exercise helps synchronize the mind and body. Yoga involves a variety of aspects such as physical activity, breathing exercises, awareness, attaining mental peace, mindfulness, etc. It promotes relaxation and helps achieve a renewed mind.

Alcoholics can regain control over their mind and overcome their co-occurring mental disorders by improving their mindfulness and awareness. Furthermore, yoga creates a sense of calm and relaxation in the mind and body of recovering addicts, which helps manage triggers and cravings in a composed and rational manner. It also helps improve physical fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility. Regular yoga practitioners enjoy higher energy, vitality, and better cardiovascular health. At our alcohol and drug detox in Arizona, we engage our patients in yoga regularly to help them attain sobriety.

For more details on alcohol detox in Phoenix, speak to one of us at Purpose Healing Center. Our alcohol-specific rehabilitation programs equip patients with effective coping mechanisms to overcome triggers, craving, and stressful situations. Our detox programs for alcohol abuse in Phoenix, AZ, are easily affordable by all, and we accept all major insurance plans.

Alcohol Detox Phoenix

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