Addiction Treatment Scottsdale

Addiction Treatment Scottsdale

At Purpose Healing Center, we are determined to offer support and guidance to patients to help them attain sobriety. We offer holistic and compassionate addiction treatment in Scottsdale. For individualized care, contact our team today.

What are the dangers of self-medication for addiction?

One of the most common causes of self-medication is a dual diagnosis. Individuals resort to using drugs or consuming alcohol to overcome the symptoms of a mental disorder. Using drugs to overcome the symptoms of the illness further worsens the mental illness and leads to an addiction problem. Some of the ways that individuals use self-medication for mental illnesses include:

  • Consuming alcohol in large quantities to reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Taking prescription meds like benzodiazepines, Xanax or Valium to avoid a panic attack
  • Resorting to marijuana to suppress traumatizing memories, grief, and emotional pain
  • Using cocaine as an energy booster to complete tasks, etc.

Resorting to drugs for mental illnesses builds tolerance over time and creates a need in individuals to use drugs in larger quantities to feel a ‘High.’ Addiction and mental health disorder is a vicious self-feeding cycle that can cause irreversible damage. Call us for more information on our addiction treatment in Scottsdale.

How do I get help for dual diagnosis?

Mental disorders can either precede or follow an addiction condition in individuals. Either way, it is crucial to assess the mental health of the addict and start treatment at the earliest to address addiction as well as the mental health issue. We recommend a structured inpatient rehab program for patients with a dual diagnosis. This way, we can ensure that they are under 24 hours of monitoring and have access to continuous care and medical support in case of emergencies.

We get a lot of patients suffering from co-occurring disorders to come to our rehab in poor health. Our clinical team and psychiatrists work together to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the individuals’ physical, mental, and addiction condition. Based on the results, we take extra efforts to develop treatment care for patients with a dual diagnosis. Furthermore, we keep following up with the recovering addict even after rehab through our aftercare programs to ensure that they are adapting well to the external environment. If you think your loved one may be suffering from a dual diagnosis, call us now.

Family-Based Therapies in addiction treatment

We use family-based therapies as a part of our inpatient and outpatient rehab programs and involve the family members to play a pivotal role in the addict’s betterment during recovery. With “family-based therapies,” we help patients overcome peer pressure, family conflicts, and trust issues. Furthermore, the emotional support, love, and care offered by members of the family can provide a safe and reassuring feeling which can fasten the recovery process.

Our structured multidimensional family therapy has proven highly beneficial in the betterment of violent and aggressive teenagers. At Purpose Healing Center, we practice evidence-based clinical care at affordable prices. For more details on our addiction treatment in Scottsdale, talk to our clinical staff.

Addiction Treatment Scottsdale