3 Ways You’ll Benefit From Time In A Scottsdale Alcohol Rehab?

At Purpose Healing Center, our Scottsdale alcohol rehab treats alcoholism using three effective programs that are designed to fully meet the needs of each individual. If you’re currently searching for a rehab and need professional assistance deciding which level of care is right for you, we invite you to get in touch with our staff by calling 480-579-3319. Don’t settle for a rehab that only offers one way to lasting recovery- with customized treatment, you’ll find your path to wellness at Purpose Healing Center.

Three Ways We Treat Alcoholism At Purpose Healing Center

1. Inpatient rehab is a smart choice for anyone in need of 24-hour care and support. Our residential program is structured and designed to help you adjust to living a sober lifestyle without alcohol as a part of your life. If you need detox services, we are able to provide a safe and comfortable place for you to begin the healing process while you detox from alcohol. Medical care and monitoring are available during early-stage recovery and to make sure you have the highest likelihood of completing your program.

The benefits of our residential Scottsdale alcohol rehab are numerous; separating you from triggers and negative influences are just two of the many reasons to choose our rehab for inpatient recovery services. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to go through withdrawals in a quiet, relaxing environment and gain access to a busy schedule that keeps your mind off of alcohol use.

2. Outpatient rehab is ideal for patients who require only low-level care and support, whether because of a less severe addiction or as a transitional program while leaving rehab. If you’ve gone through detox and are able to manage your addiction while living at home, you may be a good candidate for our outpatient program at Purpose Healing Center. Inquire today by contacting one of our admissions consultants at 480-579-3319.

3. PHP at Purpose Healing Center, is also known as a Partial Hospitalization program, or day treatment. If you need a higher level of care than outpatient rehab, you may find that PHP is ideal for your situation. Recovering from a severe substance use disorder at home will require a firm commitment on the part of the patient, however, with the right program, it’s possible to recover at home while seeking treatment through PHP. If the following situations apply to you, PHP may be the right choice for recovery from alcoholism:

  • You have a supportive environment at home
  • You’ve completed alcohol detox
  • You’re in school or working
  • You’re motivated to receiving several hours of therapy at least 5 days per week

Contact our Scottsdale alcohol rehab for more information about our programs and therapies available. As well, take advantage of free resources on our website, such as insurance verification, information about the addictions we treat, and programs offered by our team of recovery specialists. You’re in the best of hands at Purpose Healing Center- a place where you’ll find lasting recovery from alcoholism through customized treatment.