What are the rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCS?

What are the rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCS?

Purpose Healing Center is a highly sought-after treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction in Arizona with the best amenities, comfortable accommodations, and gourmet meals. We are one of the few rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS and several other insurance providers.

How do I pay for addiction treatment?

You can use your insurance plan to meet the cost of the addiction treatment. Make sure to call a rehab facility to check if they accept your insurance before joining to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

If you do not have insurance, you can use Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, state and federally-funded programs, and grants to pay for your treatment.

What makes us the best rehab in Arizona?

Unlike most rehabs, we use a whole-person approach to help our clients overcome the imbalances in their minds and bodies. Here are the core characteristics that set us apart from other rehabs in Arizona:

  • Customized recovery plans – We create personalized addiction treatment plans for each patient after a detailed physical and mental health evaluation during their intake. Our personalized recovery blueprints help our clients garner the best outcome in recovery and enable them to stay sober in the long term.
  • Accredited staff – Our clinicians possess the highest level of training and several years of experience in helping individuals conquer addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. We also have the lowest client-to-staff ratio, allowing us to offer individual care and support to each patient at our center.
  • Top-end accommodations and amenities – We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our clients experience the best stay with us. Our facility creates the most comfortable and relaxing environment, setting the ideal tone for healing and recovery from addiction.

As one of the few rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS, we have the lowest relapse and dropout rates. We use an advanced combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments to help our clients lead healthy, sober, and fulfilling life.

What are my addiction treatment options?

You have numerous substance abuse treatment options to choose from depending upon your affordability, availability, and addiction’s severity. Here are some of the rehab treatments we offer:

  1. Inpatient rehab

Our residential treatment is a structured program that addresses all facets of your substance abuse disorder. You will reside at our safe and serene facility and receive around-the-clock medical care and support. It is an ideal treatment option for those battling chronic addiction conditions or dual diagnosis disorders.

  • Intensive outpatient rehab

IOP programs allow you to live at home during the recovery process and engage you in treatment for several hours a day, 4-6 days a week. With IOP treatment, you can continue working and maintain your commitments while attending rehab.

  • Partial hospitalization program

Partial hospitalization is a structured behavioral and mental health treatment program that engages you in counseling, individual and group therapies, support group meetings, and other holistic therapies during the day, allowing you to return home at night.

Call us at 480-579-3319 to verify your insurance with Purpose Healing Center. We are one of the leading rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS. Our clinicians possess several years of experience and the highest level of training, which allows them to offer unsurpassed addiction care and support. Get in touch with us to break free from the chains of addiction.