Unique Arizona Drug Treatment Programs

Drug addiction is a devastating condition, often causing irreparable and long-term damages. To avoid that, you need to contact Purpose Healing Center for the best Arizona drug treatment programs today! Our facility offers all the tools, procedures, and treatments necessary to overcome addiction safely with immediate benefits.

The benefits of medical detoxification

We believe that all patients should receive a form of medical detox, especially those struggling with severe and prolonged addiction. To ensure immediate recovery, we perform customizable detox plans, relying on targeted medication and therapy whenever necessary. The purpose of detox is to:

To know if you qualify for the detox procedure, you must speak to our clinician during a preliminary assessment phase. This will help our expert to gather critical information about your medical status, addiction, mental state, etc.

Dual diagnosis assistance and addressing the causes of addiction

Not all rehabilitation centers offer dual diagnosis treatment, which is why they are unreliable when it comes to promoting long-term sobriety. Many patients dealing with drug addiction also show signs of co-occurring mental disorders like anxiety, PTSD, trauma-related problems, depression, etc. In many situations, these health problems have contributed directly to the appearance of addictive behavior.

In others, they result from prolonged drug abuse, impacting the patient’s ability to recover and remain sober after treatment. To eliminate this danger, our Arizona drug treatment programs rely on dual diagnosis to address the causes of addiction and treat mental problems during rehab. This will provide the patient with mental stability and self-control moving forward.

Residential/Inpatient treatment

When it comes to effective rehabilitation, our residential inpatient treatment takes the first spot. It comes in three variations (30 days, 60 days, and 90 days), with patients participating in withdrawal and cravings management, relapse prevention education, therapy, counseling, group meetings, etc. Our residential facility promotes safety, relaxation, and introspection, as patients will go through an extensive self-discovery journey under our guidance.

During the residential treatment, recovering addicts will learn how to:

Outpatient services for a sober lifestyle

Both our PHP and IOP promote sobriety and stability over the years. Our Arizona drug treatment programs train patients in the art of moderation and introspection, promoting long-term sobriety and social reintegration via therapy and group counseling.

At Purpose Healing Center, we promote one of the best recovery programs in the business. Here, you can heal and make plans for a new future, one where addiction will be just a dead memory. Contact our rehabilitation counselors today and choose your path in life wisely!