Understanding the Steps of Scottsdale, Arizona Drug Detox Treatments

Detoxifying the body from harmful substances has been the focus of many diet programs like juice cleanses. However, detoxifying the body from drugs or alcohol is an entirely different venture than consuming nothing more than juice.

When people detox from drugs or alcohol, they experience dangerous withdraw symptoms related to their substance of choice. Most people going through detox experience similar symptoms, but detox symptoms can vary from person to person. Withdraw symptoms that are not managed in a safe medical setting are dangerous and can be fatal.

The type of drug used and its duration play a determining factor in the symptoms related to withdrawal. Even the way the drug was used plays a role in the severity of withdrawing and detoxing.

Other underlying conditions, such as mental illness, also factor into the duration of an individual’s detoxification process. When giving up drugs or alcohol, it is wise to seek the help of one best Scottsdale, Arizona, drug detox program options. Getting sober without professional rehabilitative help is possible, but folks tend to experience more rehab care success.

Top Three Primary Steps of the Detox Process

There are three steps involved in the detox process at most rehab treatment centers. The first goal of a medical detox team is to evaluate the patient. Patient evaluations can include blood tests and physical screenings.

Once the health history is noted, a medical team will stabilize the status of a patient. Without thoroughly conducting the evaluation process, medical staff members cannot make an accurate treatment plan.

The essential mission of stabilization is ensuring the general health and wellness of a patient. Vital tasks are performed during the stabilization process to prevent the patient from experiencing further harm. During the stabilization treatment, medical staff may administer medications to help ease the symptoms related to withdrawal.

Unfortunately, medical staff cannot fully relieve all of the uncomfortable side effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal. The last step of the detox process is to prepare patients for further treatments. Individuals who seek inpatient treatment immediately after release from detox programs are twice as likely to remain clean and sober.

Common Drug and Alcohol Detox Side Effects

The side effects of detoxing are both mental and physical. Supervised detox programs prevent any critical medical complications from arising during withdraws. Difficulty concentrating and sleeping are common side effects, but patients also experience mood swings, anxiety, and nausea. Pregnant women are twice as likely to experience health complications related to detoxing.

Seeking medical help for drug detoxing is a beneficial move for success and general wellness. Irregular heartbeat, fluctuating blood pressure levels, and uncontrollable blood sugar levels are common problems patients experience when detoxing from illicit substances.

How to Get Help With From the Best Scottsdale, Arizona Drug Detox Treatment

Taking the first step toward a sober life requires courage and strength. Individuals ready to make a positive change in their lives are encouraged to reach out to us at Purpose Healing Center. Let us help review your treatment and detox program options by dialing 480-579-3319.Scottsdale Arizona Drug Detox