Top Tips When searching Drug Rehab Centers In Arizona

Reach for a life of freedom at Purpose Healing Center, one of the most respected drug rehab centers in Arizona. We invite you to imagine a life with purpose, no matter how out-of-reach it may seem today; with custom-tailored recovery services, you’ll find new hope that a life without addiction is not only possible but within your grasp. Find out more about how we treat addiction at Purpose Healing Center by calling our staff or exploring the free resources offered on our website. Get started with a free consultation when you call 480-579-3319.

5 Tips When Comparing Drug Rehab Centers In Arizona

1. Don’t be in a hurry to commit to a rehab; instead, take the time to compare recovery programs, look into amenities, and consider everything offered before you make your decision. Add Purpose Healing Center to your rehab list when you require a quality recovery program; with three levels of care provided by our staff, you’ll find your path to wellness beyond our doors.

2. Look into outpatient rehab if you’ve tried a residential program but started using again after completing treatment. With an IOP, you can live at home and access support and recovery programs on your terms. An IOP or PHP will allow you to keep your job or continue going to school while you get help for an addiction.

3. Ask about comfort meds if you need to detox. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) can keep you comfortable while going through withdrawals and minimize the likelihood that you’ll leave detox too early.

4. Find out if your rehab uses evidence-based programs and therapies that have proven their worth to the recovery industry. Many treatment centers are so focused on providing the latest, greatest treatment protocol that they haven’t stopped to consider whether it works or not. At Purpose Healing Center, we take a holistic approach to recovery that is proven to be highly effective over the long term.

5. Inquire about comfort perks and amenities that will help you stay engaged in recovery between therapy sessions and meetings. At PHC, we believe a comfortable recovery is essential to all who are recovering from addiction. We offer numerous amenities, including an outdoor pool, gorgeous surroundings, and upscale facilities that will make you feel at home while in rehab.

Our Treatment Programs

Wherever you are on your journey to recovery, Purpose Healing Center can meet you at the juncture, whether you’re looking for residential treatment in a safe and structured facility, IOP as a step-down program, or PHP to keep you on track to reaching your goals.

Our rehab is often rated by our clients as one of the best drug rehab centers in Arizona. It’s easy to see why we are so highly recommended by recovery specialists; simply explore the resources on our website to find out more about recovery from addiction at PHC. When the time is right, make a call to our counselors at 480-579-3319 and ask our team to verify your insurance benefits over the phone.