Top Rehabs in Arizona

Purpose Healing Center is among the top rehabs in Arizona with world-class amenities, advanced treatments, and evidence-based therapies. We offer around-the-clock medical care in a calm and comforting environment with a team of highly experienced and skilled physicians, mental health experts, behavioral therapists, and RNs.

What makes us the #1 rehab facility in Arizona?

As one of Scottsdale’s pioneer addiction treatment facilities, we offer the best inpatient, PHP, and outpatient rehab programs for alcohol and drug abuse disorders. We have a well-experienced staff team that works closely with each of our patients in recovery and help them embrace sobriety one day at a time.

We create a customized treatment strategy for each recovering addict to help them attain sustainable sobriety. Our state-of-the-art facility, modern amenities, and evidence-based treatments help address the underlying cause of addiction and equip patients with essential skills to maintain sobriety long term.

What can I expect in inpatient rehab treatment?

Inpatient rehab is a residential program consisting of 30 to 90 or 180 days of treatment in a safe and luxurious facility. Inpatient rehab treatment aims to help you focus on healing and recovery in a stress-free and trigger-free environment. It has a higher success rate and lowers relapse rate than outpatient rehab as the former offers a more immersive experience.

During inpatient therapy, you can expect to participate in a series of wellness programs and sessions such as counseling, behavioral therapy (CBT, motivation enhancement, DBT, etc.), 12-step groups, and other holistic therapies. You can expect to socialize and build meaningful friendships with people battling similar evils during an inpatient treatment program. Most importantly, inpatient therapy not only focuses on addressing your underlying mental health issues but also equips you with essential coping mechanisms to overcome triggers and stressful situations.

Our treatment programs

Based on each patient’s unique medical needs, recovery goals, and work/school commitments, we offer three different treatment programs. As one of the pioneer rehabs in Arizona, we provide the following treatments:

We at Purpose Healing Center can help you defeat addiction and get started on a better life. Call us today at 480-579-3319 to join one of the best drug rehabs in Arizona. We help patients embrace sobriety with a combination of medical detox, counseling, 12-step groups, behavioral therapies, and other holistic therapies. Join us today to embark on a liberating journey.