Tips To Get The Most from Alcohol Detox in Phoenix

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Heavy drinkers cannot have an easy transition from addiction to everyday life. It is good to get appropriate detox if you want a safe recovery and successful sober life. Alcoholism is a severe illness that needs intense medical attention, usually only available to twenty percent of all addicts. We aim to avail detox and professional rehab services to as many people as possible, so you have a successful recovery.

What to expect and how to prepare for alcohol detox

The timeline to expect for alcohol recovery

There is no standard timeline of how each candidate will react to an alcohol recovery program. However, the general outline includes the following:

Breakdown of alcohol recovery

First 12 hours

The first signs of alcohol detox are mild when under the supervision of a medical professional – An at-home detox will generally worsen to shaking, anxiety, headaches, seizures, and possible death, due to lack of detox drugs.

First 24 hours

The symptoms become threatening with increasing hours, hence the need to continue to enjoy our facility’s professional supervision.

Second day

The second day is not as painful as the first day but will include brutal emotional and mental attacks, like hallucinations and panic attacks.

Within one week

The secondary withdrawal signs are irregular and not as life-threatening as the first couple of days.

Second week

Many withdrawal symptoms will taper off after the first week. The prolonged signs are easy to manage and include low energy, anxiety, insomnia, and delayed nervous responses.

Tips of getting through alcohol detox in Scottsdale

Stick to the plan

The key detail of a successful detox is sticking to the rehab’s plan of your journey to sobriety. While detox plays a part in treatment, your willingness to preserve and change determines how far you will go. Some detox programs take a week, while others will transition into secondary treatments that are just as crucial.

Consult the medic

Patients who know what to expect have an easier time adapting to the recovery. Knowledge is vital when you want to accept withdrawal signs and adapt an on-looker’s perspective to your recovery. Purpose Healing Center is vigilant in educating patients on various symptoms, including the following:

Detox is only the first step of treatment; hence, it is better to develop perseverance for a more protracted inpatient and residential rehab process.

Learn new skills

A viable deterrent when seeking recovery from alcohol is reminding yourself of the importance of starting rehab. Explore various residential rehab programs, such as nature walks, yoga, music, and art, to reconnect yourself to a more enriching persona.

Stick to the new diet

Alcohol and drug detox depletes your body of essential nutrients and water; hence, proper maintenance is necessary for your mind and body’s sustenance. We have nutrition and exercise licenses to help you recover once you get off the drug and alcohol dependency. Today, get in touch for more information on our alcohol detox process and verification of your insurance before beginning admission.