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Robin Byrne LCSW Clinical Director

Robin Byrne, LCSW holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago and a Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois. Ms. Byrne has 34 years experience treating individuals, couples, and families. She completed a three-year post-graduate training program in Bowen Family Systems Theory. She specializes in Marital and Family Counseling, Addictions, Meditation and Gay and Lesbian issues. Robin’s approach incorporates wellness and spirituality in the treatment process. As a family therapist, she has worked extensively in calming the anxieties of families in crisis and helped them move forward in their journey toward wellness. A believer that family therapy is “coaching,” she uses her skills to help each family member maximize their strengths and understand the changes they need to make to create more balanced relationships. Robin’s penchant for holistic treatments led her to become a certified Meditation teacher, completing the McLean Meditation Institute’s Teacher Training Program. As a devoted meditator who has experienced the benefits of a daily meditation practice in her life, she uses her expertise to guide interested students in the steps to realize these same benefits in their own lives. She has taught meditation to individuals, groups and in Recovery Treatment programs.See more about Robin’s meditation programs here.


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Joshua Fitzpatrick Director of Marketing

Joshua has a wide range of experience in the addiction/treatment field.  He got his start as a Behavioral Health Technician in Chandler, Arizona.  While working as a technician he helped hundreds of people affected by drug and alcohol addiction, and knew he had found a career he was passionate about.

Gabriel Tomaeno Executive director

Gabriel holds accreditation as a Level 1 Drug Alcohol counselor and has experience as a Behavioral Technician in Addictions and Behavioral Treatment.   Gabriel’s own recovery led him to seek a career in this field. When he was battling addiction, he sought both Inpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs to guide him into recovery. With the support  of  the treatment programs, AA and his family  he has been able to achieve sobriety. Eager to get involved in the recovery field, crediting his own treatment with saving his life, he enrolled in college with Addiction Treatment as his major. Gabriel has made it his passion to work with those in the early stages of the recovery process, guiding them through the steps they need to take to get sober.  He understands how difficult it can be to seek help for both the addict and the family and has made this part of the process his specialty.  His knowledge and connections to treatment facilities nationwide means he can find the perfect program to suit your needs. Gabriel says the most joyous part about this field is talking to a new client and watching their hope rise when they feel the blessings of sobriety.

Kenneth Tucker Director of Client Care

Kenneth holds accreditation as a Level 1 Drug Addictions and Alcohol counselor with continuing education in the field of substance abuse and experience as a Behavioral Health Technician in addictions and mental health in the state of Arizona.  Kenneth found a calling for recovery work after his own attempts at recovery landed him in multiple treatment centers and detox facilities throughout the country. After the help of friends and AA, Kenneth had found sobriety and entered into college under the applied science in addiction and substance use.  Through his own experience with recovery, Kenneth is able to identify with new clients and walk them through the transition to sobriety. Kenneth states the best part of working in the field of drug addiction is “seeing a client’s dreams become a reality as a result of sobriety in their lives.”



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