5 Risks of Trying to Treat Substance Abuse on Your Own

“Why can’t my loved one just stop abusing drugs or alcohol?” It’s a question we’re frequently asked at our Scottsdale substance abuse treatment center. It can be difficult to understand the nature of addiction, especially if you’ve never worked in the industry or been affected yourself. Nearly ever addict needs professional help to stop abusing drugs.

There are multiple reasons why self-administered addiction treatment is hard, but it’s mainly due to coping with very powerful withdrawal symptoms. And there are other factors as well. Here are a few of the risks a person may encounter while trying to end a substance abuse issue without the help of a professional treatment:

1: Failing to Identify Other Underlying Issues

Addiction is a complex problem. There can be underlying issues like anxiety, health problems, depression, and even family dysfunction. While there may be a motivation to try to and save money doing it on your own, it’s unlikely that a layperson will be able to resolve the issues independently.

2: Fear of Person Growth and Self-Awareness

Many people don’t want to go into rehab because of the time that they will likely spend in group and individual therapy. Some can even fear positive words and reinforcement. While many addicts will find it uncomfortable at first, with enough time, the effort spent with addiction professionals will pay off in the form of real healing.

3: You Are Not Your Own Best Counsel

When a person suffers from substance abuse, they are especially ill-equipped to give themselves advice. And they will of course not have the proper training or experience to treat themselves. An inexperienced individual will lack the right expertise to know how to cope with and analyze their own thoughts and emotions. This is why many people who want to overcome their addiction go into treatment, and professional treatment has the highest rates of effectiveness.

4: Incomplete Treatment

Even if self-help substance abuse treatment could actually work, in the majority of cases, it will be a very perilous path. This self-treatment could actually worsen the addiction. And professional treatments are unique and powerful in that they remove nearly all traces of drugs from the addict’s system. If this is not done properly, it can result in more severe withdrawal symptoms.

5: Continued Exposure to an Unsafe Environment

A secure and safe environment is critical for effective substance abuse treatment. Treatment is delicate work in many respects, and it is susceptible to a variety of influences. Any of these, when handled improperly, can actually jeopardize the chances for success. Additionally, the addict should be protected from any questionable social influences and illegal substances.

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