Seeking Help From Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Scottsdale

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is marked by uncontrollable, excessive drinking that impacts an individual emotionally, socially, mentally, and physically. The need to drink consumes every aspect of a person with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Usually, persons with alcohol use disorder experience withdrawal symptoms if they don’t drink. This is referred to as physical dependence. Overcoming alcohol addiction begins with seeking help from one of the reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale. At Purpose Healing Center, we are a premier rehab facility that believes successful addiction treatment and lifelong recovery should entail finding and addressing the root cause of the addiction.

Warning Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder

At times, the warning signs of alcoholism are quite obvious, while other times, they may take longer to be noticeable. If AUD is discovered early, the chances of a successful recovery are higher. The common signs of alcohol use disorder are:

  • Not being able to control your drinking
  • Different behavior after taking alcohol
  • Uncontrollable alcohol cravings
  • Putting alcohol before personal responsibilities

If you feel as if your drinking is impacting your life negatively, it’s crucial to seek help as soon as possible to be able to get your life back on track.

What Makes People Drink

Many factors increase the risk of abusing alcohol. People drink for different reasons and gradually become dependent on alcohol. For instance, alcohol consumption during difficult times, such as after a divorce, can potentially trigger alcohol abuse. Other common reasons people start drinking are:

  • Trauma

Therapists and other addiction treatment professionals discover some form of trauma in almost every person with an alcohol use disorder. There are different types of trauma; however, they are all painful. Present or past traumatic experiences, either as adult or child, can be risk factors for abusing alcohol. As a person attempts to cope with emotional or mental pain, alcohol use can become tempting. Without addressing the trauma, alcohol use could accelerate into alcohol abuse.

  • Ease Grief

Losing a close friend or family member can affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically. People turn to alcohol to help them cope with such a difficult loss. Depending on alcohol, even for a while, can become a drinking problem.

  • Relieve Stress

Drinking to forget the stresses of life can lead to alcohol addiction in the long run. Because alcohol is a sedative and depressant, drinking gives one pleasure. But frequently consuming alcohol builds tolerance, pushing you to drink more to achieve the same effect.

  • Feel Good

Taking alcohol gives some individuals a break from reality they may be trying to get away from. But continually drinking to get through a rough day can spiral into a drinking problem.

  • Overcome Anxiety

Some people are constantly anxious, which causes them unnecessary worry and makes them have negative thoughts and low self-esteem. Drinking lowers their inhibitions, increases their self-confidence, and improves their social skills. But with time, this can result in addictive behaviors.

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