Rehab Centers In Scottsdale Az

Rehab Centers In Scottsdale Az

Overcoming substance abuse is a long process. Once sobriety has been achieved, maintaining it is a life-long battle. Those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction require the continued support of their family and friends, as well as that of a dedicated rehabilitation clinic. At Purpose Healing Center, we understand this. We promise unwavering support to all of our past patients. This ongoing devotion, along with our proven treatment plans, has made us one of the leading rehab centers in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our Purpose

At Purpose Healing Center, we believe every human being has a purpose. Unfortunately, drug or alcohol addiction can cause a person to stray from their path and miss out on the life that was meant for them. It is the purpose of our addiction specialists to help our residents overcome their addictions and achieve their full potential. This is done using a number of evidence-based treatment techniques. These techniques are implemented through group and individual therapy sessions.

Our programs also include stress-relieving activities, such as yoga and meditation. There are some rehab centers in Scottsdale, AZ, which cater exclusively to high-income individuals. Purpose Healing Center is not one of them. We strive to make our addiction services available to everybody in Scottsdale and greater Arizona, not to mention America as a whole. To that end, we offer flexible payment plans to help our residents cover the costs of their treatment. We also accept virtually every major insurer. 

Programs Available

At Purpose Healing Center, we offer two primary programs. The first of these is our residential inpatient program. Designed to treat those with severe chemical dependencies, our residential inpatient program guarantees 24/7 addiction assistance. Residents are housed in our center for the duration of their treatment, which can last for 30, 60, or even 90 days. During this time, they will work with our addiction professionals to battle their substance abuse issues through a range of treatments and therapies. Regular gourmet meals are provided to ensure residents receive the nutrition they need to leave our clinic in peak physical condition.

Purpose Healing Center sits in a remote area of Scottsdale, Arizona. This allows our residents to focus on their treatment without the distractions and pressures of city life. When a resident completes their inpatient treatment, they will have the option of pursuing our intensive outpatient program. Our IOP allows former residents of the clinic to ease themselves back into everyday life while maintaining regular contact with our addiction professionals. IOP is also an option to those who desire rehabilitation but are not in a position to commit to full-time care. Our addiction specialists will alter aspects of a patient’s chosen program to suit their needs. With a customized treatment plan, a patient has a markedly higher chance of continued success.

Contact Us

Whether you’re trying to secure rehabilitation for yourself or a loved one, Purpose Healing Center is here to help. Our addiction specialists are highly skilled in treating both alcohol and drug dependence. As such, freedom from any chemical dependence can be attained within our walls. Contact Purpose Healing Center today to arrange a free consultation with our team. 

Rehab Centers In Scottsdale Az