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Purpose Healing Center ranks among the most innovative and advanced rehabilitation facilities, with patient-oriented programs and a comprehensive recovery structure. Our Arizona alcohol treatment center can help you manage your addiction in a supportive and comfortable environment, surrounded by positive, competent, and empathetic experts.

The easiest way to beat alcohol addiction

As a chronic condition, alcoholism is a notoriously difficult disorder to combat, with people relapsing even years after completing the treatment. Self-treatments rarely deliver any meaningful long-term results, and most detox facilities only provide temporary relief without a comprehensive rehabilitation strategy in place. Our approach is different, as we rely on a structured treatment to address addiction’s underlying triggers and provide long-term solutions to relapse.

Our rehabilitation system relies on three fundamental programs:

    Residential inpatient rehab – The program lasts 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the patient’s conditions, addiction severity, medical and psychiatric needs, complications along the way, progress during treatment, etc. It is the most reliable form of rehab treatment, ensuring a smooth, safe, and comfortable recovery experience with solid, long-lasting results. That’s because it takes people from their trigger-filled environments and places them in a controlled recovery setting for the entire treatment’s duration, preventing relapse and ensuring a unique recovery experience.Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP comes next in line in terms of effectiveness and intensity. The program moves to a less intensive phase, only requiring your presence for treatment, therapy, and counseling for five days per week, up to 6 hours per day. You can only reach this phase either by completing the residential program or as a result of the intake process, during which our clinicians determine that you don’t need intensive care. PHP is a core procedure at our Arizona alcohol treatment center, ensuring a smooth and safe transition from residential care to a more independent lifestyle.Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP is the last level of care, providing patients with the structure and support they need to become self-sufficient, sober, and stable post-rehab. We believe that IOP is a vital addition to any successful rehabilitation protocol and one with the most impact on the individual’s ability to adapt to a sober lifestyle.

Starting life after addiction

Embracing a sober and healthy lifestyle after prolonged addiction is often a scary concept for most recovering addicts. They need support and guidance to put their lives in order once returning home, and that’s where our recovery team comes in. At our Arizona alcohol treatment center, we train patients in sober living and relapse prevention, teaching self-sufficiency, career advice, relationship tips, etc.

If you’re ready to leave addiction behind, we recommend contacting our experts to discuss your situation and treatment prospects. They will recommend adequate medical and psychiatric approaches, depending on your condition and recovery goals. From that point on, everything will become a formality.

Call Purpose Healing Center and find the support and guidance you need for a healthy and sober lifestyle today. It’s never too late to quit your addiction and start life all over again.

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