Where to get the best Intensive Outpatient Program in Scottsdale

At Purpose Healing Center, we offer a personalized Intensive Outpatient Program in Scottsdale as a follow-up routine to residential care. Completing the residential program is merely the first step in the rehabilitation process. PHP and IOP follow soon after, cementing your willpower, knowledge, and capability to remain sober over the years.

How Intensive Outpatient Program works

IOP is a non-intensive form of rehabilitation treatment consisting of a minimum of nine hours of weekly treatment. It is an incremental program aiming to help you adapt to an independent lifestyle following the months of intensive care. The program relies on several treatment modalities to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including:

  • Group therapy – Discussing with other recovering addicts about your issues and exchanging life experiences and moral support. These sessions are essential for combating negative emotions like stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown, uncertainty, etc.
  • Individual therapy – Allowing you to open yourself, navigate your emotions, and understand your purpose in life. The procedure will allow you to gain more confidence in yourself and learn how to manage your feelings and sobriety over the years.
  • Pharmacotherapy – This concept refers to ensuring optimal medication support to individuals who struggle with intense cravings or co-occurring disorders due to their substance abuse. The procedure will help you manage these problems in the long run and ensure a plus of stability and mental comfort.

Ultimately, IOP sets to prepare patients for a self-sustainable lifestyle, minimizing the risk of relapse in the process. This is one of the multiple aspects that make IOP one of the essential components to a successful rehabilitation experience.

The benefits of IOP

We have built our Intensive Outpatient Program in Scottsdale to cater to all individuals who need consistent support and guidance. The program’s goals include helping you:

  • Regain your confidence and determination – The rehabilitation process is undoubtedly demanding, asking plenty of mental strength and acuity along the way. IOP helps you rebuild your confidence levels and remain focused on your long-term sobriety goals.
  • Learn self-control – This is an important aspect to mention – one that could make or break your rehab experience. Learning to control your impulses and negative behaviors and emotions is essential for a balanced and positive lifestyle moving forward.
  • Prevent relapse – Preventing relapse successfully over the years comes down to knowledge. Knowing how addiction functions and how to identify early signs of relapse is key to protecting your newfound life over the years.
  • Growing mentally, emotionally, and personally – Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Scottsdale aims to help you grow into a more disciplined, confident, and resilient individual over time. This is key to avoid the pitfalls of the past and prepare you for a successful life.

If you’ve decided to make the first step towards complete rehabilitation, we invite you to Purpose Healing Center today. You can call now to discuss your case with our rehab experts, gather information about our programs, and learn how to prepare for treatment. We also offer details on our amenities, insurance coverage plans, and payment options.

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