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Anyone who struggled with addiction knows the difficulty of going through withdrawal, maintaining sobriety, and long-term abstinence. Addiction recovery is a long-life quest that needs science-based therapies for realistic goals. Our rehab in Phoenix bases all its treatment on science because they have massive research to authenticate the effectiveness. 

What is science-based addiction treatment?

Science-based treatment is a therapy that delivers successful results and outcomes with a resounding reference to scientific research. These treatments have approval from the FDA because they have the clinical evidence and trials for their efficacy. How do these treatments relate to the customer?

Science treatments are effective at integrating cultural competence and clinical expertise to improve the outcome of patients. They boil down to specific treatments that treat substance abuse disorders. The following are the specific therapies available at any drug rehab for you to achieve the best possible outcome.


    Opioid treatment with methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, or methadoneAlcohol addiction treatment with disulfiram, topiramate, naltrexone, or acamprosateOther FDA-approved medications include protocols that help patients taper off their use of prescription drugs until they no longer need them for long-term soberness.

Behavior treatment

Behavior therapy helps patients to stay abstinent while changing behavioral reactions that foster drug or alcohol use. These therapies teach patients how to handle stress and other triggers while reducing the risk of relapse. Specific behavioral therapies include the following:

    Cognitive treatment therapyContingency managementMotivational enhancement therapy12-step therapyNon-12 step therapyMatrix modelFamily and group therapy

The above treatment programs are not available in isolation because each one is complementary to the other. Rehabs combine education, group counseling, and community support to ensure the patient has a well-rounded recovery. As a result, you get the full benefits of healing on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Benefits of our science-based rehab in Phoenix

The core benefit of a science-based treatment is safety and effectiveness. We understand that drugs like heroin and alcohol are complicated to expunge because they interfere with a healthy system's biology and chemistry. An instance is that trying to detox from alcohol at home leaves you vulnerable to seizures, headaches, and tremors.  In the worst case, one may have fatal consequences from liver, kidney, or heart failure. Benefits of using a science-based approach include the following:

    Proven standard protocols and safetyBetter outcomesReduced overall treatment costsBetter accountability

Choosing the specific treatment

A combination of psychotherapy, medication, or other behavior treatments will give the patient the best possible recovery. The choices depend on your willingness to and a review and analysis by the physician and psychologist.

One thing we may consider is that different people have different reactions to all treatments. One procedure may not be fast and effective because the patient has a more advanced addiction problem. Research shows that it is best to rely on the therapist's analysis because they use medical reports to choose a suitable treatment. When in doubt, ask our doctor to inform you of specific recommendations by calling 480-579-3319.

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