What Happens at a Phoenix Drug Rehab?

A reputable drug rehab program could help you or your loved one to get on path to recovery and a healthier lifestyle. If you or someone that you love has been dealing with addiction, a Phoenix drug rehab is there to provide the necessary tools to begin the healing.

What is Drug Rehab?

A Phoenix drug rehab center will provide a range of treatments geared toward helping addicts recover from substance and addiction abuse disorders. Addiction itself has been defined as a chronic-type of relapsing disorder that includes drug use and compulsive drug seeking. This is a mixture of mental illness and a complex brain disorder the usually requires intensive drug treatment in order for the patient to get on a path to sobriety.

Drug education, family behavioral therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are some of the therapies and treatments you will usually find at most rehab centers. Every patient gets evaluated to receive a customized program based on their unique needs for recovery. Phoenix drug rehab programs get formulated by a team of counselors, medical professionals, and addiction specialists at the time of intake.

Many rehab centers often varying levels of care. A residential rehab offers a high level of care for any addict needing to adjust a sober lifestyle after severe dependency on alcohol or drugs. Outpatient rehabilitation will offer care a few hours a week to accommodate patients that must stick to outside obligations like school, family life, and work.

Who Needs Drug Rehabilitation?

Entry into rehabilitation is recommended for anyone that gets diagnosed with substance abuse that is unable to control or reduce their use of substances. You or your loved one should look into treatment if:

  • You have been using drugs or alcohol in larger amounts and over a longer period than before.
  • You devote a lot of time to getting and using drugs or suffering from the effects of them.
  • You have a constant desire to try to cut down on using but are always unsuccessful doing so.
  • You have unrelenting cravings, desires, or urges to use alcohol and drugs.
  • You start to give u occupational, recreational, and social activities because of your addiction.
  • You keep using drugs or alcohol in situations where it is hazardous to yourself or others to do so, such as drunk driving, etc.
  • You start to develop a higher tolerance for your drug of choice, leading to using more and more to get the effects you desire.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms whenever you stop using or use smaller amounts.

There is hope for people who are trying to kick the habits they have gotten into when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Even if you have been through a program in the past and failed, you can get a fresh start when entering into a Phoenix drug rehab for treatment. Purpose Healing Center wants you to know that we are happy to be the first step in the new journey of your life. If you would like to get on a path to recovery or you have a loved one in need of support, give us a call at (480) 579-3319 and we can go over our treatment options, financial coverage, and more.

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