What's the best drug rehab in Phoenix?

As an addiction victim facing withdrawal daily, you need immediate clinical treatment in a modern and reliable rehabilitation facility. At Purpose Healing Center, we have devised the perfect rehabilitation program, providing people with long-term solutions to their addiction problems.

Can and should you treat your addiction at home?

Most addiction victims attempt to self-treat their conditions at home, not realizing the risk they’re exposing themselves to. Self-treatments rarely work, and when they do, the results are always uncertain. When it comes to advanced alcohol or drug addiction, don’t even think about managing your disorder on your own.

Our drug rehab in Phoenix is equipped with the latest technology, providing patients with safety, comfort, and continuous assistance during the rehab treatment. The benefits of undergoing rehab treatment at our center include:

  • Overcoming the withdrawal easier with minimum discomfort or health risks
  • Preventing short-term relapse – one of the main reasons why DIY rehab treatments rarely offer any meaningful long-term benefits
  • Diagnosing and addressing co-occurring disorders like anxiety, mental or emotional trauma, depression, etc.
  • Helping patients develop a more balanced lifestyle routine
  • Separating patients from the everyday triggers that may cause them to relapse
  • Train people in long-term sobriety maintenance and relapse prevention, etc.

So, even if you can detox and recover from addiction at home, that’s not a guarantee that you will remain sober. That’s because achieving sobriety is less about overcoming the withdrawal and more about developing a specific mindset to guide you over the years.

How our rehab program works

Our drug rehab in Phoenix provides you with a structured rehabilitation treatment encompassing multiple disciplines and recovery modalities. There are three core rehabilitation programs that you can complete based on your recovery needs and overall goals:

  1. Residential program – The residential program is reserved for individuals struggling with severe substance addiction who cannot recover at home. The program offers 24/7 clinical assistance and support, placing patients in a secure and comfortable recovery environment. The treatment consists of multiple rehabilitation modalities, which can be clinical, psychiatric, or holistic in nature. Among these, we mention medication management, dual diagnosis treatment, CBT, DBT, REBT, Motivational Interviewing, relapse prevention training, and much more.
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program – IOP, for short, is a non-intensive program that functions as a follow-up routine after the residential treatment. Patients who have completed the residential program can now join IOP to continue their recovery journey in a less intensive environment. IOP requires you to come to our facility for up to five times per week for several hours of treatment per day.
  3. Partial Hospitalization Program – PHP is the final form of treatment, helping patients transition from our drug rehab in Phoenix to a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. The program offers community-based treatment and therapy, lifestyle support, and personal growth advice to help you become more disciplined, determined, and responsible.

If you wish to discuss our drug rehab in Phoenix, we recommend contacting our professionals today. You can call Purpose Healing Center whenever you feel ready for the treatment and make an appointment for clinical assessment and rehab planning.

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