What's the best alcohol detox in Phoenix?

Purpose Healing Center is among the leading rehabilitation facilities for alcohol detox in Phoenix. Our center invites you to undergo a comprehensive treatment that can help you reevaluate your life goals, overcome addiction, and embrace a healthier and more stable lifestyle moving forward.

What happens in rehab?

When it comes to alcoholism, our team always relies on customized approaches to detox and rehab. You should expect to undergo several treatment phases during your recovery journey:

  • Extensive preliminary investigation – The goal is to find as much as we can about our patients before the treatment. This allows our professionals to have a better grasp of your addiction condition and overall health status. This means you should expect discussing with one of our rehab experts before treatment to discuss your situation in detail.
  • Custom detox treatment – The detox phase is necessary, especially when talking about prolonged alcohol addiction. Our clinicians will use the information they have on you to craft a custom detox plan involving medication, therapy, and counseling. The primary goal is to combat the withdrawal, reduce your cravings, restore your brain’s normal chemical functioning, and stabilize you mentally and emotionally. It is a process that can take from several days to several weeks, after which the relief you will experience will be unequaled.
  • Inpatient care – The inpatient treatment is the core feature of our alcohol detox in Phoenix. During the inpatient program, you will live at our facility and undergo numerous recovery modalities, including therapy, holistic healing practices, group activities, etc. The inpatient program’s underlying goal is to help you develop a routine that excludes alcohol or any other addictive behavior. It is the first and most reliable recovery protocol that will redefine how you will live your life over the years.
  • Outpatient-based programs – PHP and IOP represent our core outpatient programs, allowing you to recover and heal in a less strict environment. You no longer need to remain confined at our center but instead return home after every treatment session. This will allow you to stick close to your family and pursue your education and career while completing the rehab program.

Will I get sober after rehab?

Our rehab program strives to achieve three core goals:

  1. Help and teach you how to overcome addiction and control your harmful impulses and thoughts
  2. Allow you to develop a healthier lifestyle routine to combat your addictive behavior
  3. Train you in relapse prevention and sobriety management for years to come

The overarching goal is to help you rediscover your strengths, regain your self-esteem, and gain more confidence

These three aspects are fundamental to any sober lifestyle and help you put order in your life and redefine yourself. Our alcohol detox in Phoenix is a self-development program more than anything else, helping patients grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you’re interested in our treatment and wish to begin the rehab process today, contact Purpose Healing Center. You can speak to our rehab experts about your condition, make an appointment, and arrive to our center for assessment and rehab planning.

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