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Joining an  Arizona drug rehab can help you recover from addiction, heal from your mental health issues, and learn essential coping skills for a sober life. Purpose Healing Center is a JCAHO-accredited rehab facility with the best residential treatment, PHP, and IOP programs. 

Qualities To Look For In A Top Rehab Facility

Every rehab facility offers different treatment programs and specializes in treating various addictions and mental health disorders. Some of the qualities to consider for an Arizona drug rehab include:  

  • High success rate – You want to join a treatment center with a high success rate and low patient dropout percentage. You may garner the best outcome in recovery by attending a treatment center with a low relapse rate. 
  • A focus on underlying issues – Most rehabs use a cookie-cutter approach and predominantly use group therapy programs to treat substance abuse. Only a few rehab facilities invest the time and effort necessary to identify your addiction's causes. You want to join a rehab that uses evidence-based therapies to identify and treat your addiction disorder and the co-occurring mental issues.
  • Comprehensive 1-on-1 therapies – Not all rehabs offer individual therapy programs. However, individual counseling plays a critical role in identifying the circumstances leading to drug use or alcohol consumption. It also helps recovering addicts learn essential coping skills and techniques to remove themselves from triggering situations.

Sobriety may not be a long-lived reality for you if you do not choose the best rehab center for your recovery. Last but not least, choose an in-network rehab facility to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

What Can I Bring To Treatment With Me?

Rehab centers have strict policies about what you can bring for addiction treatment. Call your treatment center to get a recommended packing checklist and learn about the prohibited items. Here are some of the essentials that you should carry with you to treatment:

  • Seven days' worth of comfortable clothing. Two to three pairs of shoes for everyday wear and sports activities.
  • A list of addresses and phone numbers of people you wish to have involved in your addiction treatment process.
  • Everyday jewelry. Leave your valuable items at home.
  • An alarm clock, pictures of loved ones, a notebook or journal, and a calling card if you plan on making long-distance calls.
  • A list of all your medications and dosages.

You may also carry a small amount of cash for store runs, vending machines, etc. Do not forget to take your checkbook and credit card or debit card to pay for treatment medications.

I Relapsed After Addiction Treatment. What Do I Do Now?

Most people experience shame after a relapse accident and often give up the fight. It is pivotal that you do not give up and use the relapse as a learning tool. Clarify your relapse prevention plan, and sign up for ongoing care or outpatient recovery programs. You do not have to go back to an inpatient rehab facility if your relapse was a one-time accident and you are ready to examine or adjust your recovery care plan.

Verify your insurance with our Arizona drug rehab at 480-579-3319. Purpose Healing Center is a pioneer treatment facility with innovative treatments, proven therapies, and the lowest relapse rates. Our addiction treatment program can help you attain comprehensive recovery from your behavioral and mental health problems.

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