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Drug and alcohol addiction are severe conditions with life-threatening effects over time. At Purpose Healing Center, we invite you to the most prominent treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, for immediate treatment and recovery from addiction. Our rehabilitation programs follow the industry's strictest health guidelines, offering safety and immediate relief from addiction.

How to know if you have an addiction?

The first sign is generally the withdrawal. This is what causes people to relapse whenever attempting to quit, and it’s also what changes their behavior and way of thinking. If you’re experiencing withdrawal, be honest to yourself and admit the problem before it’s too late. The sooner you overcome the denial, the faster you can get the treatment you need.

We urge addiction victims to seek treatment the moment they feel like the situation is out of control. There is no way to treat your addiction safely and effectively by yourself. Your best chance at sobriety comes with joining a rehab program providing medical care, psychotherapy, counseling, and a secure and welcoming environment for recovery.

The most effective rehabilitation treatment

When it comes to combating severe drug or alcohol addiction, you need all the help you can get. That’s because you are dealing with a chronic disorder that’s difficult to overcome through classic treatment. And even if you do succeed, the risk of relapse is just around the corner. At our treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, we follow a different path for building the most effective rehab treatment available.

To deliver the most reliable long-term results, we use a multidisciplinary approach relying on programs like:

    Medical detox – Using targeted medication to reduce the impact of withdrawal, flush the toxins from your body, and reduce cravings. The detox process is vital for patients struggling with aggravated addiction who need medical treatment and supervision.Dual diagnosis treatment – Substance addiction is responsible for triggering or worsening a variety of co-occurring mental disorders like depression, trauma-related issues, anxiety disorder, etc. Treating them during rehab equals addressing the causes of addiction and providing patients with reliable long-term solutions to addiction and relapse.Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy sessions are ideal for dealing with mental and emotional trauma and helping individuals find relief from their addiction-related problems. This will help them gain a more balanced state of mind and redirect their energy and strength towards recovery and healing.Counseling and guidance – Overcoming addiction and rebuilding your life from scratch are two different things. Our counselors are available throughout the rehab, helping you put your life in order. With their help, you will learn relapse prevention strategies, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and embracing a better system of personal values and goals.

At Purpose Healing Center, we promote sobriety, confidence, and positive change in people. Contact us today, tell us your unique story, and come to our treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, for treatment! We can support you in overcoming addiction for good and start building a better life for you and your loved ones. Have confidence, contact us, and your life will never be the same.

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