The best Intensive Outpatient Program in Phoenix, AZ

Overcoming substance addiction can be a life-long journey, during which you need guidance and professional assistance. Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Phoenix, AZ, allows you to transition from a more intensive rehab program to a normal, stable, and sober lifestyle. And it all begins at our rehab facility, at Purpose Healing Center.

What is IOP, and how does it work?

The Intensive Outpatient Program is a non-intensive rehab treatment that’s ideal for several categories of people:

  • Individuals dealing with mild-to-moderate substance addiction who don’t require intensive care
  • Individuals with family or work-related obligations that they can’t postpone
  • Individuals who have already completed a form of inpatient care and now seek follow-up treatment
  • Individuals who have a supportive environment at home and only need IOP assistance along the way

IOP is among the more relaxed rehabilitation programs, providing you with several hours of treatment per week (nine or more). This allows you to treat your addiction condition in a conducive environment and return home every day to be by your family and loved ones. The program usually consists of drug and alcohol tests, counseling, therapy, and sobriety maintenance tips to help you abide by a sober and stable lifestyle.

How IOP will help you treat addiction

Substance addiction is generally the product of repeated behavior. The more you drink and the more often you do it, the higher the chances of developing alcoholism. The same goes with abusing drugs. The rehabilitation process follows the same pattern, forcing you to adopt a more stable and healthier routine. Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Phoenix, AZ, provides you with therapy and counseling to help you:

  • Manage the withdrawal residual symptoms and side-effects
  • Manage and control your behavior and cravings
  • Uncover your underlying issues functioning as triggers for the addictive behavior
  • Learn how to contain your unhealthy behaviors
  • Address your negative and harmful emotions and thoughts preventing you from living the life you want
  • Harness positivity and optimism from everything you do
  • Find better, healthier hobbies and passions
  • Learn how to communicate and bond with other people, etc.

In short, the Intensive Outpatient Program prepares you for a self-sufficient lifestyle, training you in sobriety maintenance, relapse prevention, and healthy living. It is a part of a whole rehabilitation system comprising of residential care and PHP for a unique and compelling rehabilitation experience.

Finding a premier Intensive Outpatient Program in Phoenix, AZ

The best program is one that caters to your unique recovery needs and goals. Our facility relies on in-depth clinical assessment of each patient during the intake phase. This approach will allow us to gather critical information about your condition and devise a personalized rehabilitation program accommodating your needs and recovery goals.

This approach, along with our modern and advanced rehab services and the impeccable patient-oriented care, makes Purpose Healing Center one of the most renowned names in rehab. Contact our rehabilitation experts today, make an appointment, and prepare for detox and treatment as soon as possible. This is your chance to address your harmful behavior and look towards a more successful lifestyle moving forward.

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