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Dealing with drug addiction on your own is a dangerous task, potentially causing more problems along the road. Purpose Healing Center offers a customizable drug treatment center in Arizona, helping people regain their freedom and rebuild their lives from scratch.

When to start seeking a rehab facility

We recommend considering joining a rehab program with the first signs of withdrawal. Drug addiction is progressive, which means it will aggravate with time, and, depending on the substance you’re using, your condition may degenerate fast. Early treatment is ideal for coping with early-stage addiction when the symptoms are mild, and the withdrawal is generally more manageable.

Our clinicians will recommend specific treatment depending on your condition, making sure you receive optimal care and support along the way. Our rehab center specializes in residential treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program, and Intensive Outpatient Treatment, providing a well-rounded rehabilitation experience for successful recovery and sobriety.

Should you detox from drugs at home?

The clear-cut answer is no, you shouldn’t. Depending on the substance you’re using, your condition may aggravate fast with drastic immediate and long-term consequences. This alone should make you realize the situation’s volatility and how critical it is to get professional help fast. Combine that with the fact that self-medication is vastly ineffective and dangerous, and you should be able to see the bigger picture.

Many of our ex and current patients have attempted self-detox before arriving at our facility to no avail. They relapsed soon into the process and risked dangerous drug interactions and side-effects along the way. Most of them have worsened their conditions as a result. The most reliable and safest way to detox and recover is coming to our drug treatment center in Arizona for immediate medical assistance.

The benefits of drug detox

The detoxification process is key for fast and sustainable recovery from addiction. It relies on targeted medication, therapy, counseling, and 24/7 monitoring to:

    Cleanse the body of any drug-related toxinsStabilize the brain and nervous systemRestoring the brain’s normal chemical functioningInhibit cravingsMinimizing the withdrawal’s manifestations and impactCalm the mind, allowing people to focus on recovery and healingMinimizing the withdrawal’s symptomsPreventing short-term relapsePreparing the patient for upcoming treatment programs

The detox procedure is also vital for promoting long-term sobriety and dealing with co-occurring mental disorders that may impact your ability to recover, detox, and heal. At our facility, we rely on patient-oriented detox to promote safe and effective rehabilitation.

Begin the drug detox today!

If you’re experiencing aggravating withdrawal regularly, we recommend calling our drug treatment center in Arizona as soon as possible. Our professionals will take your case immediately, take you through an in-depth clinical assessment, and recommend the appropriate treatment. Our rehabilitation team is ready to assist you with coping with addiction in a safe and comfortable environment for immediate recovery.

Call Purpose Healing Center, speak to our addiction specialist, and let’s plan your recovery treatment today! You can check your insurance coverage over the phone and ask for details about your detox treatment and recovery programs before making an appointment.

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