PHP: A Quality Program Available At Many Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale

Many rehab facilities in Scottsdale are able to offer patients the standard inpatient and outpatient recovery options, however, these two programs don’t meet the needs of every patient. If you’ve tried the conventional path to wellness through a residential program or IOP without achieving your goals, there’s another program you may not know about that might prove to be a better match for your recovery needs. PHP at Purpose Healing Center is a Partial Hospitalization Program that is structured yet flexible- an ideal option if you wish to live at home during addiction treatment.

5 Key Benefits Of A Good PHP

1. Just like a residential treatment program, our PHP at Purpose Healing Center provides patients with consistent access to our team of doctors, nurses, recovery specialists, therapists, and psychologists. If you need medication assisted teatment, we can provide that, as well. Your comfort throughout your recovery journey is of utmost importance to our staff while you go through detox and treatment in one of the best rehab facilities in Scottsdale.

2. Our Partial Hospitalization Program is much more affordable than inpatient care; since your insurance may agree to cover more sessions in a PHP than in a residential program, you may be able to receive treatment for a longer time-frame. Find out more about your health insurance benefits when you verify your coverage over the phone by calling Purpose Healing Center.

3. PHP can be successfully used as a step-down program from inpatient care to life at home. If you’re concerned about how you’ll deal with triggers or have a history of relapse after completing rehab, we can explain to you how you’ll benefit from transitioning in our PHP when you reach out to us at 480-579-3319.

4. The flexible nature of our PHP will make it possible for you to get help for an addiction while continuing to care for family members, go to school, and remain employed. If you’re self-motivated and able to commit to several hours of therapy at least 5 days per week, you’ll find that our PHP can offer the support and structure necessary for your recovery plan.

5. In PHP, you’ll have many opportunities to practice what you learn in treatment in your daily life. When things become challenging, your support center will be there for you to take the edge off of everyday difficulties you’ll face as you learn to live life without alcohol or drugs.

One Of The Best Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale

What makes Purpose Healing Center one of the premier addiction recovery facilities in the area? Along with PHP treatment, we provide patients with a range of recovery options that also includes residential treatment and IOP. Wherever you are on the road to wellness, you’ll find we are able to offer customized care at the level that’s right for you.

If you’d like to speak with one of our admissions specialists right now, simply call Purpose Healing Center at 480-579-3319. Your call is private- no one will know you called but our staff.

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