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At Purpose Healing Center, we promote the best rehabs in Phoenix, AZ, aiming to help people cope with severe addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our facility offers luxurious living conditions, top amenities, and access to some of the most advanced rehab modalities available.

Is rehab treatment necessary for drug or alcohol addiction?

Yes, in both cases. Drug addiction and alcoholism are both chronic disorders with long-lasting physical, psychological, and behavioral side-effects. You should not attempt to treat them on your own since most self-treatments come with a multitude of health risks. We’ve had many patients who have resorted to self-medication in an attempt to control the withdrawal and ended up worsening their situation.

Our team of rehab experts can cope with even the most severe cases, providing safety, comfort, and long-lasting results. We rely on a modern and advanced rehab protocol, aiming to help you:

    Overcome the withdrawal with minimum discomfortDownplay the disorder’s physiological effects during the detox processIdentify and address co-occurring mental disordersEnsure a safe, comfortable, and welcoming recovery environmentRegain control over your behavior, emotions, and thoughtsBecome more confident, positive, and determined to reach your sobriety goalsTrain you in relapse prevention and healthy living, etc.

The rehabilitation treatment is a life-changing experience that will transform how you think of yourself, the people around you, and life in general.

How does rehab work?

The rehabilitation process aims to guide you through three distinct phases:

    Stabilization and recovery – This phase is vital for the success of our rehabs in Phoenix, AZ. It takes place during the residential treatment, which may last up to 90 days, depending on your progress and recovery goals and needs. The treatment consists of therapy sessions, counseling, medication management, and peer support, helping patients regain their mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.The transition phase – The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) helps you transition towards a more independent lifestyle after completing the residential program. This is where you will achieve the tools you need for a self-sufficient and sober life post-rehab. Patients learn about relapse prevention, healthy living, and reaching life-changing milestones after completing the rehab.Full social reintegration – You are already almost fully reintegrated into society, living a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle, far from any social or familial triggers. Your next goal is to learn how to prevent relapse over the years and build towards your newfound goals. This is where our rehabs in Phoenix, AZ, will play their most defining role. We help recovering addicts interact with other people, fighting the same battles, and join a community of positive, helpful, and successful individuals to share moral and spiritual support along the way.

If you’re ready for your first step towards a sober and successful lifestyle, we invite you to our center today. Purpose Healing Center provides you with a comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming recovery environment, where you can focus on your recovery and healing. It is a life-long process that will help you rediscover yourself and see the world through a different, more positive lens.

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