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Purpose Healing Center is an affordable Phoenix drug rehab with evidence-based treatments, modern amenities, comfortable accommodation, and a compassionate team of experts. Our patient-centered treatment approach has helped hundreds of individuals battling addiction attain a safe and sustainable recovery.

How to overcome drug addiction at home?

If you are struggling to relieve yourself from the grasps of addiction, the best way to do that is to seek help from a leading drug rehab facility. For starters, you must undergo physical evaluation and assessment under a clinical team, who will then develop a customized and integrative treatment plan to help you overcome addiction.

Trying to quit drugs/alcohol at home can put your life at grave risk, especially if you are trying to recover from long-term addiction. The withdrawal symptoms that you experience in the initial phases of recovery can be both dangerous and life-threatening. Be sure to speak to an addiction specialist at a rehab near you to get started on recovery.

Top reasons to choose our Phoenix drug rehab

We offer affordable inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization treatment programs in a home-like environment with modern amenities. Our skilled staff team will work closely with you through a series of wellness programs, behavioral therapies, and support group sessions to address the underlying cause of your addiction.

Besides, we offer continuous medical care in a safe, supportive, and serene environment. Furthermore, we are one of the few rehabs to prepare patients for a lifetime of sobriety by equipping them with essential relapse prevention skills and other coping mechanisms.

Therapies that we use to address addiction

We are a pioneer treatment facility for dual diagnosis in Phoenix with an experienced behavioral therapist and a mental health expert team. Here are some of the therapies that we use to address addiction in patients:

  • Family therapy - We conduct family therapy sessions to resolve the issues between the recovering addicts and family members. By unfolding topics relating to unresolved anger or aggression towards the family members can help restore balance in recovering addicts and enable them to return to a healthy and trigger-free environment after rehab.
  • Relapse prevention training - Relapse prevention education is one of the important modules in our rehab program, where we train our patients on essential life skills, breathing exercises, and coping mechanisms. These training sessions play a pivotal role in helping recovering addicts manage and tackle cravings, triggers, and stressful situations. 
  • Contingency management - Contingency management is one of the highly-effective behavioral therapies that use motivational incentives and other kinds of rewards to encourage a recovering addict for his/her efforts towards maintaining a sober life. To encourage sobriety and healthy living, we offer a tangible reward whenever patients attain a recovery milestone or make lifestyle changes such as drug-free urine specimens or consistent attendance for treatment, etc.

Get in touch with us at 480-579-3319 to join the #1 Phoenix drug rehab. At Purpose Healing Center, we help patients achieve comprehensive recovery from dual diagnosis with our integrated treatment approach. Do not let addiction consume you; take action today!

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