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Dealing with addiction is a lifetime commitment and a struggle that can leave deep scars behind. Our alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, at Purpose Healing Center, offers you the opportunity to leave addiction behind for good, recover, heal, and start rebuilding your life entirely. If you’re dealing with withdrawal, you need to contact our experts today.

How drug and alcohol rehabs work

The rehabilitation program will take you through several phases:

    Clinical assessment and diagnosis – During the intake process, our clinicians will assess your medical status, gather data about your addiction, mental health composure, symptoms, and side-effects, etc. This procedure is imperative for tailoring our patient-oriented programs for immediate benefits.Medication and dual diagnosis treatment – Our clinicians will devise a custom medication treatment based on your addiction’s specifics. This includes addiction’s type, the substance you’re using, it’s severity, etc. We use medication to stabilize your condition, flush the substance from your system, and restore your nervous system’s normal functioning. We also promote dual diagnosis treatment to cope with co-occurring disorders and help patients recover faster and remain sober in the long run.Behavioral therapies – Some of our behavioral therapies include CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Rational Emotive Therapy, etc. These aim to reshape your thinking patterns and promote healthy emotional display and balanced thinking and behavior.Peer support and assistance – Our recovery groups form the ideal setting for a healthy recovery and social support. During our alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, you will interact with other patients, exchange stories, hope, record your progress and inspire one another.Relapse prevention education – For successful recovery and long-term sobriety, you need to learn the perks of avoiding social triggers and embracing a healthy lifestyle. Our professionals are knowledgeable, competent, and experienced enough to provide healthy living tips, from nutrition to workout routine, getting a better job, and avoiding relapse over the years.

Find help for drug and alcohol addiction!

If you have no idea how to quit your addiction, you need our help today. Substance addiction is progressive and chronic, and it can cause severe physical and mental health issues along the way if you ignore it. You need immediate high-end treatment to cope with its downsides, recover, and reset your life. To do that, you must first contact our professionals for in-depth assessment and diagnosis.

Early treatment can work wonders even when talking about high-risk substances like opioids, heroin, or methamphetamine. It’s all about addressing the issues in the initial phases when the illness is still somewhat manageable. Everything will go smoother at this point, including the detox stage, the dual diagnosis treatment, and the recovery process as a whole. And it all begins here, at our alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ.

If you wish to tell us your story, contact Purpose Healing Center, and let’s find a solution to your problems together. We’d be happy to hear from you soon since we can provide you with the comfort, safety, and relief you’re looking for.

Alcohol Drug Rehab Phoenix Phoenix Az
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