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Purpose Healing Center is a preeminent alcohol rehab in AZ with the highest success rates in treating dual diagnosis disorders. Our facility provides the best inpatient, PHP, and intensive outpatient programs at affordable prices.

How do I choose an alcohol rehab in AZ?

Choosing an alcohol rehab for your recovery can be a tiring process. However, knowing what qualities to look for in a treatment facility can help you find the right one for you faster. Here are a few pointers:

  • Customized treatments – Your addiction circumstance may not be the same as another person's. The severity of your addiction, the co-occurring mental disorders, the substance you abuse, etc., should determine the course of treatment you receive. Make sure to look for rehabs that create a customized recovery plan for each client.
  • Dedicated and experienced therapists and clinicians – The medical team at a treatment center should be well-versed in treating addiction patients and possess several years of experience. Only a skilled clinical team can help you attain sobriety and equip you with critical tools to maintain it in the long term.
  • Evidence-based treatments – Search for a treatment facility that uses proven psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, etc., to treat your substance abuse disorder. Science-based treatments are highly effective in treating addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

Besides, make sure the rehab center has plenty of positive reviews from past clients. Choose an in-network treatment provider to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Is my addiction disorder severe enough?

Don't wait to hit rock bottom before finding professional help. Remember, the sooner you seek help for your drug or alcohol abuse, the lesser the damage to your vital body organs. Also, your chances of getting clean are much higher when you join a recovery center in the early stages of your drug abuse disorder.

If you find yourself questioning whether you need professional help to get clean, you most likely do. If you suffer from addiction to alcohol or substances like heroin or opioids, do not waste any more valuable time. Seek help from a rehab facility at the earliest.

How can I prevent relapse after addiction treatment?

Relapse is a risk in most recovering addicts in an initial couple of months after their recovery. Having a well-established relapse prevention plan in place can help you stay sober in the long term. Here's how to remain committed to sobriety:

  • Know your triggers and avoid them. Alternatively, try mastering the coping skills that help you tackle the situations, things, places, or people that trigger drug or alcohol use in you.
  • Establish a strong support network. Stay close to family members, talk to your counselors from time to time, and build a close circle of friends who do not drink or do drugs.
  • Stay physically and socially active. Exercise daily, stick to a healthy diet, and avoid staying alone. Loneliness can cause boredom, which can cause you to relapse.

You can unveil your true potential by letting go of old destructive habits. Let us at Purpose Healing Center help you as you begin on a liberating journey towards sobriety. Verify your insurance with our alcohol rehab in AZ today. Call us at 480-579-3319 to get answers to your addiction-related questions.

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