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Purpose Healing Center focuses on providing the tools for long-term success with recovery. Our  Arizona treatment center helps recovering addicts adopt healthy lifestyle changes and enables them to heal and recover with peer support from group sessions. We also educate our clients on relapse prevention tips, preparing them for a drug-free life in the long haul.

Can I find employment after rehab treatment?

Most people procrastinate addiction treatment due to the fear of hurting their careers. However, several studies have proven that those who attended rehab were less likely to lose their jobs in the long term, and some even found better job opportunities. Addiction treatment may not only improve your overall quality of life but may also enhance your career along the way.

Not to mention, there are several laws and acts protecting you from facing discrimination for choosing to receive addiction treatment. The ADA protects employees from getting fired or demoted for their decision to attend rehab. If you face issues at work for choosing to attend rehab treatment, you may file a formal complaint at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Why should I get help for addiction?

It is not uncommon to feel concerned about leaving your loved ones to attend rehab. However, you must undergo a step-by-step treatment process for comprehensive recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. The clinical staff at our Arizona treatment center can create a customized treatment plan exclusively for you to help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms in a safe, speedy, and pain-free manner.

Rehab facilities also engage you in a safe drug or alcohol detox process, offer proven therapies, moderate support meetings, and address your mental health issues with ongoing counseling. The rehab staff will create a relapse prevention plan that you can follow, preventing you from relapsing in the long term. More importantly, the friendships and bonds you develop at rehab can strengthen your commitment to sobriety, in the long run, provide you with a new social circle, and help you heal and recover with peer support.

Why can't I detox alone?

The detox program can improve your odds of attaining a successful long-term recovery. Trying to get sober on your own, however, puts your safety at grave risk. Medical detox is pivotal to flush the toxins out of your system, and only a licensed physician can administer a detoxification procedure in a fully equipped rehab setting. Attempting detox at home can cause you to experience severe withdrawal symptoms, making sobriety extremely painful and unattainable.

Besides, you may experience several psychological withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, hallucination, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Also, you must remain under the close supervision of a medical team to overcome the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms safely.

Joining our Arizona treatment center can help you solve the issues that hold you back in life and start afresh. We have a competent and dedicated clinical team who can help you achieve your goals. Act now! Verify your insurance at 480-579-3319 and discuss with our Purpose Healing Center professionals today!

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