Can You Reduce The Cost Of Rehab?

It is time that society considered drug addiction more of an illness than a mere addiction. Cocaine or crack addiction captured the world's attention in the 90s, and we have made millions televising the effects it made on marginalized communities.

Our moral obligation could be as simple as introducing lessons on drug addiction in college or finding ways to educate patients on how they will effectively join rehab and reverse the worse effects. Purpose Healing Center has considerable evidence to show that people who die from addiction lack professional care due to limitations in funds or education on the effectiveness of addiction. The following is a general compilation of the most valuable ways of funding rehab services to get all the necessary programs for long-term sobriety.

The True Cost Of Rehab Services

The cost of rehab with an insurance plan will depend on the policy’s terms. Still, the good news is that many coverage plans are sufficient for the most critical resources in an inpatient or residential treatment program.

Total Cost Of Rehab Services

The cost of rehab will vary depending on the facility and details of treatment. An average inpatient detox plan costs about $800, but the number will vary significantly based on many social and technical factors in the program. A complete inpatient plan with 24 hours supervision, medication, and complete nutrition will cost between $2000 to $25,000.

It helps to have a rehab clinic that will give you a detailed estimate for all their services, including the detox and outpatient program. Common factors affecting the cost of drug rehab in Arizona include:

  • The type of facility – Inpatient and residential rehabs will cost more than outpatient facilities
  • Location – Luxury centers located in exotic destinations will cost you more than the private ones on the outskirts of the city, or the neighborhood facility
  • Size – People who go through the entire lineup of programs will cover more for the extra services and resources
  • Type of program – There are many treatment options in the market, and those that use complicated resources and therapy services will need more compensation. Getting co-occurring treatment programs for a longer duration of about 30-90 days will cost you a prettier penny.

Different Rehab Payment Assistance Programs

Most rehabs accept insurance and other common forms of payment like Medicare, Medicaid, and military insurance. Not everyone has the privilege of an insurance plan and will need additional tools to cover the total cost. How can you save on rehab services?

How To Save On Rehab Services

  • Ask about various financing options available through the rehab
  • Apply for Medicaid or Medicare before admissions
  • Apply for grants and scholarship programs
  • Take donations from friends, families, and relevant parties
  • Ask your employer for an assistance program

Rehab costs are not set in stone, and there are many ways to plan a custom treatment plan that suits your budget. Are you ready for rehab? Contact our team to book a consultation on how you can cut down the cost.


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