Which is the best drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix?

It is not uncommon to feel scared or reluctant about joining a drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix, to beat addiction. Attending a rehab facility like Purpose Healing Center can finally allow you to catch a break and focus on your healing and recovery.

How can I detox at home?

Medical detox refers to stimulating the body to eliminate the toxins caused by long-term alcohol or substance abuse. Only a trained and licensed physician can administer a detox procedure. Trying to detox at home may not offer desired results in recovery as you may not know what medications to use and their dosages.

Besides, you will experience adverse withdrawal effects as the drugs leave your body. You must stay under the expert supervision of a medical team for a safe and speedy recovery. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be hard to manage in the initial couple of days of your recovery, often causing you to relapse. Detoxing at a rehab facility can optimize your chances of getting clean and prevent you from relapsing in the long term.

Our PHP treatment program

PHP or partial hospitalization program at our drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix, engages recovering addicts in 4 – 6 hours of therapy, five days a week. Our PHP program offers a higher level of care than outpatient treatment is, making it ideal for those looking for a step-down level of care after inpatient rehab.

We engage recovering addicts in individual and group counseling, medication-assisted treatments, family therapy, and psychotherapy sessions to help them get clean and attain mental wellness. Our facility also encourages clients to practice yoga, participate in equine therapy, and other experiential therapies to address their underlying mental health issues and attain emotional stability. We personalize the PHP programs to cater to each patient's individual needs.

How do I prevent relapse after recovery?

While most recovering addicts leave the rehab center with a steady mind, their living environment, workplace circumstances, or relationship dynamics with their loved ones cause them to relapse within a couple of days of recovery. Here are a few ways to prevent relapse after recovery:

  • Sign up for an ongoing care program at your rehab center. Continuing care programs allow you to meet your therapist regularly and discuss the challenges and issues you face in recovery. They can guide you on a path of sobriety and teach you how to prevent relapse for years to come.
  • Avoid people who influenced you to use drugs or consume alcohol in the past. Build a healthier social circle and hang out with people who do not drink or do drugs.
  • Adopt new hobby or sign up for a class. Keeping yourself busy doing things you love can prevent you from feeling bored or lonely and can help you to channel your feelings, thoughts, and emotions creatively.

Change can be hard to accept. However, once you embrace it, it can lead you to a better, brighter tomorrow. Our drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix, uses science-based therapies to address and treat dual diagnosis disorders. Purpose Healing Center can help you get clean, regain control over your life, and help you mend your issues with your loved ones. Get in touch with us today.

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