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Purpose Healing Center is a reputed rehab for drug treatment in Scottsdale with the best team of clinical staff. Our physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and RNs spending one-on-one time with our recovering addicts and play an integral role in their journey towards sobriety.

What can I expect during drug treatment?

Addiction treatment is a step-by-step process, and your recovery process can vary depending upon your addiction's severity and the co-occurring mental disorders. Here are a few things that you can expect during drug treatment:

  • Depending upon the type of treatment you choose, the number of hours you engage in rehab programs may vary. Inpatient treatment offers the highest level of care, followed by partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.
  • On a typical day at rehab, you may engage in several hours of individual and group therapy and focus on overcoming your behavioral and mental health issues.
  • You will also get to meet fellow recovering addicts battling with similar issues, who may provide you with love and support and help you focus on your recovery goals.

You must see your time at rehab as a period of therapeutic healing, rejuvenation, and soul-cleansing for better and improved living. More importantly, you can expect to learn new skills and critical coping mechanisms at a rehab, which can help you combat triggers and stay clean in the long term.

How do I stay sober after drug treatment?

Staying clean can be a major challenge for recovering addicts, especially in the initial 6-12 months following inpatient treatment. You need to sign up for IOP treatment after residential rehab for a seamless transition to the outside world.

Get rid of things, situations, and people who remind you of your old addiction days. Build a new social circle and hang out with people who do not drink or use drugs. Stay close to family, eat a balanced meal, and engage in regular physical activity to maintain sobriety in the long term.

Types of drug treatments we offer

As a pioneer rehab for drug treatment in Scottsdale, we offer three types of addiction treatments based on your addiction's severity, length and frequency of abuse, and the presence of co-occurring mental disorders. Here is a list of programs that we offer:

  • Inpatient rehab

We engage patients in a series of individual and group therapy programs and provide them with round-the-clock clinical care. Our residential treatment provides recovering addicts with comfortable accommodations, gourmet meals, and access to modern amenities, making their recovery journey smooth and seamless.

  • Partial hospitalization program

Our PHP program offers the second-highest level of care after inpatient treatment and allows patients to live at home while receiving therapy. With PHP, patients attend treatment for at least 4 to 6 hours per day on five days per week. This program is ideal for those battling moderate to severe substance abuse disorder but can manage their addiction safely while living at home.

  • IOP treatment

Our IOP program encompasses a minimum of nine hours of therapy each week, in increments of between three and eight hours. Our IOP programs help patients transition to the outside world after several weeks of inpatient rehab treatment.

Breaking free from addiction is possible with professional guidance and a customized treatment plan. Let us at Purpose Healing Center help you overcome dual diagnosis; call 480-579-3319 to enroll for our drug treatment in Scottsdale.

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