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Purpose Healing Center is an accredited outpatient rehab in Tucson, AZ, with evidence-based treatments, support group meetings, individual and group therapy programs. We accept all primary insurance plans and have the highest success rates.

What is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab refers to receiving addiction treatment for 1-2 hours a day on 3-5 days a week. It is a flexible treatment option that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Outpatient rehab in Tuscon, AZ, is ideal for those battling mild to moderate levels of addiction.

Outpatient treatment can last for 3 – 12 months and allows you to maintain your everyday responsibilities. It typically involves individual and group counseling, support group meetings, and psychotherapy sessions. This treatment option helps you heal and recover in the love and support of your family members as it allows you to stay at home during recovery.

How do I choose between inpatient and outpatient rehab?

Inpatient or residential program refers to receiving addiction treatment by staying at an enclosed, safe, and calming rehab facility for 30 and 90 days or more. Residential treatment offers the highest level of care and reduces your risk for relapse significantly in the long term. It provides an immersive healing experience and optimizes your chances of achieving a safe and speedy recovery.

Alternatively, outpatient therapy offers the lowest level of care but allows you to stay at home during recovery. It is a more flexible treatment option, requiring you to attend rehab only for 1-2 hours a day on 3-5 days a week. It is also cheaper than inpatient treatment, as it does not involve the cost of accommodations, food, or medical detox.

We recommend speaking to an addiction specialist to help you choose the right type of rehab treatment for your addiction circumstance.

What are the benefits of outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab is an ideal treatment option for those battling mild to moderate levels of addiction. Benefits of outpatient rehab include:

  • It allows you to manage work, personal commitments, and addiction therapy without hassles.
  • It is a step-down level of care after residential treatment or IOP programs.
  • Outpatient treatment is cheaper than inpatient therapy or IOP/PHP programs.

Outpatient therapy also allows recovering addicts to heal and recover in the love and support of family members. It is ideal for working professionals and those with unavoidable family obligations and personal commitments.

What can I expect at outpatient rehab treatment?

During outpatient rehab, you can expect to participate in several hours of individual and group therapy sessions. You will meet fellow recovering addicts during support group meetings and group therapy sessions, allowing you to build valuable bonds and develop friendships with those battling with similar issues as you. You can expect to engage in 1-2 hours of therapeutic sessions that help improve your behavioral, mental, and emotional health during outpatient rehab treatment.

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