If you require intensive outpatient in Arizona to cope with your addiction condition, our team is up for the task. Purpose Healing Center offers customizable rehabilitation programs, dual diagnosis treatment, psychotherapy, and relapse prevention education for a unique healing experience.

What to do after inpatient treatment?

Completing the inpatient treatment is vital when coping with co-occurring disorders and severe addiction conditions. This rehab program ensures optimal recovery in a controlled and supportive environment, eliminating the triggers and drastically reducing the risk of relapse. But many patients are confused about the next phase since the inpatient program alone isn’t enough to ensure long-lasting sobriety. Our treatment protocol solves the problem.

We rely on three follow-up treatment routines following the residential/inpatient program:

  1. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – Four to six hours of treatment, medication management, therapy, and counseling per day for five days per week. PHP is a necessary recovery phase, especially for people in need of prolonged dual diagnosis assistance and aftercare services. PHP no longer requires your presence at the facility 24/7, allowing you to recover at home with your family by your side.
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP is a necessary milestone in the recovery process as it helps patients transition between a more intensive form of treatment to a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle. The program consists of regular drug and alcohol check-ups, psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, individual and group counseling sessions, recreational therapies, and activities, and much more. Our intensive outpatient in Arizona also helps patients bond with one another and exchange mutual support for a shared recovery experience.
  3. Aftercare preparation and training – Completing the rehabilitation treatment is just the first phase of the recovery process. You will now need to stick to a lifetime of sobriety and healthy living, which might be difficult to apply when lacking proper guidance and assistance. Our professionals train patients in relapse prevention strategies, helping them live healthier, more positive, and more balanced lives post-rehab.

Do you need IOP to recover from addiction?

Yes, you do. In most scenarios, the inpatient treatment is enough to stabilize the patients and prevent short-term relapse. Long-term, however, you need an additional support system to help you maintain your gains over the years. This is where our IOP comes in. It is a structured, non-intensive treatment program that promotes recovery via peer support, allowing patients to heal and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle over the years.

IOP is also a must when it comes to dealing with co-occurring mental disorders that are difficult to combat and manage over time. This includes depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders, and other conditions that tend to be disruptive and chronic in nature. For additional info on our intensive outpatient in Arizona, we advise you to call our expert clinicians right away!

Contact Purpose Healing Center, make an appointment and ask for information about our rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment. You can come to our premier facility for a brief tour and begin the intake process as soon as you’re ready to go.

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