Urine leakage treatment Virginia

Urine leakage treatment Virginia

Intimate Wellness Institute offers the best urine leakage treatment in Virginia with an experienced and skilled team of urogynecologists and urologists. We provide unsurpassed treatment for female urinary incontinence in Reston to help women overcome their insecurities and discomfort.

When should I see a doctor for urine leakage?

It is normal to be reluctant about seeing a doctor for incontinence. Nonetheless, it may be pivotal to meet with a doctor if your incontinence is frequent and takes a toll on your quality of life. You must see a doctor in the following cases:

  1. It restricts your ability to participate in activities you enjoy doing and affects your social interactions.
  2. It increases your risk for falls as you rush to the toilet frequently
  3. You have other underlying health conditions alongside incontinence.

Incontinence may also be a common occurrence in women after childbirth, menopause, or aging. If you recently gave birth to a child or hit menopause, meet with a doctor to discuss your symptoms.

What can I expect from urine leakage treatment?

Your doctor may begin the Virginia urine leakage treatment by recommending lifestyle changes and teaching you specific techniques to train your bladder. You will learn and practice pelvic-strengthening or kegel exercises and follow a strict diet and bathroom schedule.

Some women witness significant improvement in their condition with medications, while a few others may require surgery for relief from incontinence. Speak to your doctor to learn about the severity of your bladder control problems and find out the best treatment for you. Urine leakage treatment can allow you to do what you like and enhance your overall quality of life.

Why our urine leakage treatment is the best in Richmond?

We are a highly acclaimed clinic for urine leakage treatment in Richmond, VA, with highly experienced doctors with extensive training in bladder and urinary function. Our treatment providers specialize in diagnosing and treating stress urinary incontinence in Richmond and Midlothian and have helped countless people who have been unsuccessful in previous urine leakage treatments.

Our specialists and surgeons use the most advanced treatments, therapies, and equipment to help our patients achieve the best outcome and achieve their recovery goals. We have a dedicated R&D team who studies, assesses, and evaluates the effectiveness of various types of slings, sling surgeries, artificial urinary sphincters, and the latest surgical methods. The quality of our interactions with patients, our attention to detail, and our promise to ensure safe and speedy delivery from urine leakage make us one of the top-rated clinics for women's health in Richmond.

Why is it important to see a doctor for urine leakage?

If you experience incontinence symptoms, you must meet with a doctor specializing in urine leakage treatment for women at the earliest. Leaving the condition untreated can lead to the following complications:

  • Skin irritations – Women experience rashes, skin infections, and sores around their crotch and genitals due to constantly wet skin.
  • UTI – Stress incontinence increases your risk for frequent urinary tract infections.
  • Impacts personal life – Incontinence can prevent you from participating in social events and take a toll on your confidence. It can also impact your work life and personal relationships negatively.

Get in touch with us at 804-523-2533 to schedule an appointment for urine leakage treatment in Virginia. Intimate Wellness Institute is a reputed clinic for women's health-related issues with doctors trained in treating bladder and urinary function. Call us now to verify your insurance.

Urine leakage treatment Virginia

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