Sex Addiction Service Chicago

Sex Addiction Service Chicago

Sex addiction is characterized by compulsive and repetitive sexual behaviors, urges, fantasies, and fixations that a person continues even after causing harmful effects. Addiction to sex can be compared to substance abuse. How? Alcohol or drug addiction is considered a disease that affects the brain, leading to the formation of reward pathways. After being formed, these pathways result in uncontrollable cravings and urges to abuse drugs or alcohol, making it harder to quit substance use. The same reward pathways in your brain are also activated by sexual behavior, thoughts, and stimuli resulting in sex addiction. If you feel ashamed or powerless over your sexual behavior or your life has spiraled out of control due to sexual behavior, these are signs of a sex addict, and our sex addiction services can help.

At Off the Crooked Path, we know that you might not realize you have an addiction to sex. A consultation with our professional therapist will help you understand your disorder and the next step to achieve lasting recovery.

Tips for Choosing a Sex Addiction Therapist

Below are factors to consider when deciding on a sex addiction therapist:

Certifications and Education

Sex addiction therapists have different levels of certifications and education. It’s crucial to select a therapist with credentials. This shows that they have completed years of training to aid people with sex addiction. Ask about the credentials of the therapist you’re considering when you contact them.

Training and Experience

Find out if the therapists you’ve shortlisted have special training in sex addiction treatment. Equally important is the experience of a therapist. It ensures your provider of choice has worked with individuals who have a sex addiction. A skilled and experienced sex addiction therapist can help you recover in the following ways:

  • Together, you’ll be able to uncover and understand the cause of your addiction and the triggers to engage in compulsive sexual behaviors.
  • You’ll be taught healthy coping mechanisms that keep your urges under control.
  • Your therapist will work with you to help heal the emotional wounds that fuel your addiction.
  • You'll be equipped with the tools required to prevent your desire to act out.
  • You will get support and guidance in mending broken relationships with your partner and loved ones.

Are They the Right Fit?

Beyond a therapist’s credentials and experience, it’s vital to have a connection with your therapist to make sure you get the most out of your treatment. As such, pay attention to how a therapist makes you feel during your initial consultation. Did you feel understood and safe? Were you comfortable around the therapist? If you felt judged or the therapist didn’t pay attention, don't enroll in sex addiction treatment programs. It’s best to keep looking for another provider. Ultimately, go with your gut feeling when picking the ideal sex addiction therapist.

Compassionate, Expert Sex Addiction Therapist

Are you wondering how to treat sex addiction? At Off the Crooked Path, we provide a healing environment where you can focus on your recovery from addictive behavior. Our comprehensive sex addiction services are tailored to address your unique needs in a caring, compassionate setting. To find lasting recovery, schedule a consultation:

Sex Addiction Service Chicago
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