Opiod Detox Draper

Opiod Detox Draper

One of the more important elements to think about when trying to overcome opioid addiction will be whether or not you should enter into an opioid detoxification program. A lot of clients ask when it comes to opioid detox in Draper is questions regarding the timeline and the withdrawals they may experience. The best thing to do is learn all about the process and what happens in a recovery program to address these concerns.

What is Opioid Detoxification?

With opioid detox, you will be in a safe, protected environment so that you can withdraw from the drugs – all while under the supervision of trained professionals. You are encouraged to go through a detox process under supervision because it allows for the most comfortable and safest way to detox effectively.

During detox, you will go through certain withdrawals as the body starts to adjust to a lack of the drugs it was used to. These symptoms range in severity from mild to severe, with some having the potential for being life-threatening.

Why Medical Detox?

When involved in medical detoxification, you get monitored around the clock to handle withdrawals and ensure safety. There may also be medications administered to help mitigate some withdrawals and keep you as comfortable as possible.

It is important to know that anyone that tries detox on their own could have a higher potential for relapse due to the discomfort involved with the detox process. This is why it is very effective to start lasting recovery by working with professionals at a trusted facility.

Understanding Opioid Withdrawal

Once the mind and body are no longer under the drug of choice, you will have emotional and physical reactions. This is withdrawal. Opioid withdrawal can be painful for mold people, making it difficult to care for yourself as you move through this phase. Detox under supervision will help you to focus on recovery and having your needs met.

Withdrawal Symptoms

It is almost impossible to predict the exact symptoms someone will experience throughout the detox process. Some symptoms experienced will depend on a range of factors unique to each person. Common symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pains
  • Nausea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Fever

How Long Does Detoxification Take?

The time spent in an opioid detox in Draper depends on factors like the type of opioid being abused, addiction severity, and how long your addiction has been going on. In many cases, the timeline for detox will look like the following:

  • Symptoms develop 6 to 30 hours from the last opioid taken. Initial symptoms may seem mild but continue to grow stronger.
  • Around the 72-hour mark, you will be at the critical point and feel more severe symptoms as you go on.

To go through opioid detox in Draper, you need to know that you are entering into a facility you can trust. Annie’s House is the number one answer for any person dealing with addiction or who has a loved one who could help get sober. Our 24-hour hotline is available when you need it – call us at (385) 255-9117.

Opiod Detox Draper
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Opiod Detox Draper
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