Nursing Homes Salt Lake City Ut

Nursing Homes Salt Lake City Ut

At Highland Care Center, we treat you like family because we understand the importance of the environment during the process of recovery and healing. Our facility is one of the best nursing homes in Salt Lake City, UT, because we provide customized care and therapy treatments for you. Even our meal plans are personalized, depending on your needs for recovery.

The difference between a nursing home and a residential care home

A care home is usually for the elderly, and the staff consists of trained care assistants. This is where people receive care for degenerative diseases associated with aging. Nursing homes are for treating injuries using medications and wound care. The staff consists of registered nurses and care assistants.

Nursing homes are a much more professional setting compared to care homes because they provide a higher level of care and attention for the residents. The care homes have homely environments with 24-hour staff supervising the elderly. Still, the nursing homes are more like a hospital setting because they provide medical attention for the residents as well.

Nursing home services

We have experienced nursing staff with care assistants who provide wound care, occupational therapy, memory care, speech therapy, outpatient therapy, medication management, bariatric care, cardiopulmonary therapy, and much more. Our physicians are 24/7 on call, and we have well-trained speech, occupational, and physical therapists who perform in house evaluations for you.

Our services include life-enriching activities, balance care, post orthopedic care, family education, and hospice stays. We understand that it might be a hard decision for you to make, so we are here to help you. You can contact us anytime at one of the best nursing homes in Salt Lake City, UT, to discuss your condition with our experts.

Benefits of a nursing home

Our nursing home provides day to daycare during your recovery and healing process. We have medical staff on call to help you with your injuries and pain. The most important point is that nursing homes are safe and secure for you or your loved ones.

You don’t feel lonely at a nursing home because people in similar situations surround you, and you can have a chat with anyone anytime. We have life-enriching activities, so you don’t get bored during your recovery, and you can heal your mind along with your body.

Skilled nursing and care services

We have experienced and skilled nursing staff who are always ready to help you with professional medical care and therapy sessions. Our staff comprises of skilled professionals other than nurses, who can create personalized goals for you, so you become more independent and confident in your abilities. Your recovery and healing is our utmost goal at our facility.

Highland care center has the most efficient and professional staff at our facilities. At one of the best nursing homes in Salt Lake City, UT, you can find yourself heal mentally and physically with our support staff. We understand what you’re going through; that’s why we want to help you recover and heal your body, so you become more self-assured.

Nursing Homes Salt Lake City Ut
Highland Care Center
Nursing Homes Salt Lake City Ut
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