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Inpatient Rehab For Couples

Inpatient Rehab For Couples

Couples Recovery Rehab is a premier inpatient rehab for couples with world-class amenities, highly effective treatments and therapies, customized detox programs, and around-the-clock clinical care. We help individuals get over their traumatic memories and bitter experiences in their relationship collectively by offering them a safe, trigger-free, and supportive recovery environment. Our program equips couples with critical life skills, breathing exercises, and coping mechanisms and helps them overcome triggers and cravings safely.

How does addiction affect intimate relationships?

Prolonged addiction can lead to troubles within and outside the relationship. For starters, couples begin to experience financial issues as one or both partners spend recklessly on acquiring drugs, or one of the partners end up losing their job due to their substance abuse condition. To make things worse, issues like poor communication, lack of trust, verbal abuse, physical violence, etc., can all stem from an individual or a couples' addiction condition.

Furthermore, research states that a parent with a drug or alcohol addiction condition is three times more likely to abuse his/her child. Partners can often feel unsatisfied or unloved in their sexual relationship with one another as substance abuse affects their sexual functioning. If you are about to give up on your marriage or relationship due to an addiction circumstance, make sure to consider couples addiction treatment immediately.

What do I do if my partner has an addiction?

An addict's partner often finds it hard to support their addicted loved one without being an enabler. But you don't need to protect them from the repercussions of their substance abuse condition by taking over their responsibilities or saving them from legal or financial problems.

Allow them to confront the consequences of their actions and decisions. Offer your support and love by helping them seek treatment or talk to them about the couples rehab program. Couples rehab therapy can help you both work through the issues in your relationship collectively and get back to a place of improved trust, love, and companionship.

Benefits of joining our inpatient rehab services for couples

As one of the pioneer drug rehab centers for couples, we offer customized treatments and wellness therapies to address each patient's unique needs and recovery goals. Here are some top reasons for joining our inpatient couples drug rehab:

  • 24-hour support – We offer around-the-clock clinical care for couples to help them attain a safe and pain-free recovery in a closely monitored environment. 
  • A wholesome diet and gourmet meals – Our drug rehabilitation treatment for couples nourishes the mind, body, and soul of recovering addicts by offering them balanced, highly nutritious, and gourmet meals three times a day.
  • Excellent recreational programs – By organizing weekly events, movie nights, and gaming parties, we keep our residents fully occupied, entertained, and relaxed at all times.

Speak to an addiction treatment specialist at Couples Recovery Rehab by reaching us at (949) 502-2001. We are a top-rated inpatient rehab for couples in California with experienced therapists, mentors, and highly qualified physicians. Call us today to begin on a life-reforming journey towards a better and happier tomorrow.

Inpatient Rehab For Couples

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