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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Orange County

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Orange County

The ideal rehabilitation program should include a form of dual diagnosis treatment in Orange County. At Still Water Wellness Group, we know how critical it is to address underlying co-occurring disorders during rehab.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to a set of procedures and modalities aimed at diagnosing and addressing co-occurring mental disorders while treating substance addiction. The dual diagnosis treatment incorporates medical procedures, medication, therapy, psychotherapy, and holistic recovery modalities to help patients find relief from withdrawal and their mental issues. It is a must-have treatment, especially in a high-profile facility like ours that regularly deals with cases of advanced addiction and aggravated mental disorders.

The treatment’s specifics and length usually vary between individuals. Our addiction and mental health services in Orange County unfold over the course of several months during the inpatient program but can go beyond that. We also offer Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient program, and Sober Living structures as part of the recovery strategy.

Is the dual diagnosis treatment necessary?

Yes, it is, in most cases at least. Studies show that around 50% of drug and alcohol addiction victims show signs of mental disorders. The percentage tends to go up when talking about severe or prolonged addiction when the brain records significant chemical imbalances and damages. In that case, the dual diagnosis treatment will become more demanding and may last for longer than usual.

In many cases, patients require a personalized relapse prevention plan after completing our best Orange County dual diagnosis treatment. This will allow them to remain sober over the years and manage their chronic disorders more effectively in the long run.

How the dual diagnosis treatment works

The treatment unfolds over several phases:

  • Clinical assessment – Our best mental health facilities in Orange County rely on in-depth clinical assessment to diagnose our patients’ conditions and addiction-related disorders. They will gather the necessary information and craft the treatment to meet your unique clinical needs and recovery goals.
  • Medication management – We often prescribe medication during the treatment for addiction and mental health problems, helping patients control their symptoms and find the relief they need to recover. Our rehab professionals will tweak the treatment according to your needs and remain at your disposal throughout the program in case you need extra assistance.
  • Psychotherapy – Our dual diagnosis clinic in Orange County relies on behavioral therapies to address mental disorders like OCD, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. This approach will extend beyond the rehab treatment through programs like PHP, IOP, or sober living for extensive clinical and psychiatric support.

If you require immediate dual diagnosis treatment in Orange County, we invite you to our facility today. We offer comprehensive addiction management services and dual diagnosis assistance in the ideal recovery environment.

You can call Still Water Wellness Group to speak to a rehab professional at 1-800-563-8983 today. Make an appointment, come in for clinical evaluation and treatment planning, and begin the detoxification program before it’s too late!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Orange County
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Orange County
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