Drug Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az

Purpose Healing Center is one of the top drug rehab centers in Phoenix, AZ, and we use psychotherapies like rational emotive therapy, family therapy, community reinforcement, and other advanced evidence-based programs to treat addiction. We design custom treatment plans for each patient in rehab and offer individualized patient care to help patients attain recovery.

Our approach to addiction treatment

As among the top rehab centers in Phoenix, we employ the most advanced therapies and treatments to offer high-quality care for each of our patients. We believe in offering holistic treatment where we not only help patients attain their medical goals but also help them overcome their mental trauma and attain spiritual awakening. By addressing the mind, body, and soul simultaneously, we help patients overcome triggers and stressful situations in a rational manner. Holistic treatment also reduces the chances of relapse in patients after rehab.

With a holistic approach, we teach healthy behaviors in patients where we get them into the habit of eating a healthy diet and encourage them to participate in physical activities regularly. We conduct guided meditation and yoga sessions, which helps develop a sense of calm in recovering addicts and enables them to stay focused on sobriety. 

Benefits of motivational interviewing

Motivational Interviewing or MI is the practice of reinstating motivation in individuals to increase their determination, optimism, and perseverance. Some of the benefits of motivational interviewing include:

  • It improves the level of participation in individuals in rehab programs and encourages them to stay focused on recovery
  • It significantly reduces the chances of relapse in recovering addicts after treatment
  • MI encourages patients to establish self-actualization goals and pushes them to work hard towards achieving them
  • It creates a sense of positivity in individuals and helps bring a change from within
  • It helps address any unresolved mental trauma, frustration, and other mental issues in recovering addicts and enables them to overcome emotionally draining memories.

 We are one of the few alcohol and drug rehabs in Phoenix to use motivational interviewing to help individuals overcome addiction. Our team of highly skilled clinical psychologists follows a client-centered counseling style to provoke a positive change in behavior in patients.

Role of family therapy in addiction recovery

Family therapy is a treatment session for recovering addicts and their family members. It could be anybody from a cohabiting partner to a parent or a sibling that participates in a family therapy session. In these sessions, we train the family members on a variety of behavioral strategies and train them on certain skills to bring about a healthy environment at home.

This therapy also helps address unresolved issues between the recovering addicts and the member of his/her family. It allows them to communicate openly with one another and resolve any grudges. When patients feel loved and safe around their family members, they are less likely to feel lonely or triggered to use drugs.

Get in touch with one of us at Purpose Healing Center to get pre-approved for addiction treatment. We are one of the best drug rehab centers in Phoenix, AZ, with affordable treatment programs and a luxurious treatment setting.

Drug Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az
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Purpose Healing Center - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scottsdale

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