Divorce Therapy Mountain View

Divorce Therapy Mountain View

Most people play a primary role in saving their marriage and will at least try to see a therapist. In other cases, couples already know the wedding is over before they sign the divorce papers. Any attempt at marriage therapy will be about checking off the box before admitting the emptiness.

There are two kinds of hardness in adult love – marriage hardness or living as a single person. Some couples know they are better apart than together and begin to unravel their lives for the inevitable reality. We think of divorce therapy in Mountain View as an opportunity to experience dignity while maintaining sanity.

Should you get divorce therapy?

Cope with stigma

A majority of Americans believe in the family unit. Most people understand that established families with a long lineage of successful marriages tend to have a higher social status. It is frustrating to have a child and raise them outside the family unit.

Most divorcee men do not get help because of the preconceived stigma behind the failure of a marriage. They will choose self-reliance, toughness, overt masculinity, and dominance instead of going through the process's motion. Women who lack an authentic social circle will hide their real pain from being an object of ridicule.

Divorce therapy connects you to professionals who understand the stigma surrounding divorce. We help you understand the real perceptions of divorce and how different combinations may lead to divorce.


Human minds have natural programming to focus on negative energy. Therapists encourage indulging in therapy to reprogram from tearing yourself down when the odds are against you. The weight of divorce is challenging and will cause many conflicting dialogues. The therapist becomes a sounding board for you to find a healthy peace of mind.

Maintain communication

After a bitter divorce, the ideal situation is to completely forget about the ex and meet new people who do not remind you of the past. Life is not as cut dry as we like to handle it. Therefore, you may have to talk to them about child support, money issues, and other entanglements.

Couples who choose divorce therapy have the highest probability of increasing the wellbeing of their children. We may start by helping you manage something as negligible as email communication. We seek the right level of vulnerability and create a relaxed atmosphere for you to balance your needs.

Fruitful results

The current still gives the mother a higher priority in child custody cases. The home becomes a war zone as parents struggle to retain the most sum of properties and rights. It helps to have a therapist shine a light on any immature behavior, to iron out issues that jeopardize positive results.

Our divorce therapists facilitate a healthy home and improve your mental health so you can see the value of a fair outcome. You can freely express your innermost fears and concerns to our therapist, without fear of judgment or unsolicited advice.

We look at partners to give us reassurance and comfort in life’s uncertainties. Contact us (650-285-1909) if you find yourself in despair from the lack of a support system for the best-unbiased divorce therapy in Mountain View.


Divorce Therapy Mountain View
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Divorce Therapy Mountain View
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