Detox Treatment San Francisco

Detox Treatment San Francisco

The Plan Case Management is a preeminent facility for detox treatment in San Francisco with a compassionate and experienced staff team. We offer highly rewarding addiction detox treatment in a safe, serene, and supportive environment and help patients attain a safe and speedy recovery. Here are the five types of detox treatment services that we offer:

1. Alcohol detox

The best way to conquer an addiction to alcohol is through medical detox in a controlled environment. At our drug rehab center in the Bay Area, we offer highly effective alcohol detox and help individuals abstain from drinking. The detox process reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and makes recovery less painful and distressing. By flushing out the toxic and dangerous remains from the body caused by long-term addiction, we help recovering addicts attain sustainable success with sobriety.

2. Opiate detox

Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be severe, unpleasant, and extremely dangerous in many situations. Medical detox is the only reliable way to overcome an addiction to opiates, followed by residential treatment. Detox acts as an effective strategy to manage the withdrawal symptoms and prepares your mind and body for other treatments and therapies. As a part of our San Francisco area detox treatment for opiate addiction, we prescribe medications like methadone and buprenorphine to minimize the withdrawal symptoms and cravings in our recovering addicts.

3. Benzo Detox

Since Benzodiazepines are some of the most addictive substances, benzo detox is vital in the initial stages of the treatment. Detox helps flush out the toxins from the system and protects against dangerous withdrawal symptoms and side effects. As a leading detox treatment provider, we monitor all our patients 24/7 to prevent potentially fatal symptoms like seizures, suicidal behaviors, etc. Our benzo detox program involves tapering down recovering addicts from the drug by prescribing less potent benzos. This way, we reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms gradually and help patients attain a safe recovery. We use less potent drugs like diazepam (Valium) and clonazepam to minimize the effects of the withdrawal and provide continuous support to prevent short-term relapse.

4. Heroin Detox

We offer highly impactful heroin detox and protect recovering addicts from intense heroin withdrawal symptoms. We use drugs like methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone to prevent withdrawal symptoms and cravings in patients. We also closely monitor our detox patients 24/7 in a safe and fully equipped facility to manage adverse withdrawal symptoms and prevent any complications during the treatment.

5. Cocaine Detox

Our supervised detox can provide cocaine addicts with a safe and speedy recovery from their addiction circumstance. We offer full-time medical attention to all our cocaine detox patients and perform regular physical and mental health examinations to ensure their safe recovery.

Call us at (805) 335-4646 to join our prolific detox treatment in San Francisco. At the Plan Case Management, we offer the best San Francisco detox program, sober companioning services, and interventions. Get in touch with us for more details.

Detox Treatment San Francisco
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