Cannabis Funding

Cannabis Funding

Bespoke Financial is the leading licensed commercial lender for businesses in the cannabis industry. We have an experienced team in technology, lending, and cannabis. Our mission is to offer cannabis business loans to help them prosper and scale. 


We are changing the cannabis financing industry. Cannabis businesses generally have to wait from one to three months to get approved. We give access to funds within a week of applying. Our services include invoice financing, inventory, and purchase money financing, and line of credit.  


Our process is straightforward. You apply for cannabis funding, and we give you an advance of 75% to 100% of the invoice amount directly to your bank account. 


You can use the money to grow your business, and when you pay us the invoice in full, we give the rest 25%, if that’s the case, minus fees. Or when you pay 100% of the invoice plus the accrued fees. It depends on the type of financing you applied to.


5 Benefits of our Cannabis Lending Services:

  1. Easy to apply. To apply for our cannabis funding, you need to provide recent financial records, a list of active cannabis licenses, and disclose key management employees. And you only need to submit updated financial records every quarter as long as you continue to make the payments when they are due. You can also pay us back with checks, in cash, ACH, bank transfers, or wires.
  2. Quick. Instead of waiting a few months to receive the money, we give you access to capital within two business days after completing the application. And we offer constant access to cash because our baking partner ensures uninterrupted coverage.
  3. Flexible and Scalable. You can borrow money as needed. Take advantage of the seasons with high demand and increase your production with our financing options. You can also reduce by up to 50% of the cash flow collection cycles. We are a second to none marijuana industry financing company that adapts to your business needs and help you scale your production as you grow. And you don’t have to apply again every time you want to increase your credit.
  4. Reasonable fees. We charge a 3-4% fee for 30 days, and they only accrue when you start using the funds. You can borrow for up to 90 days, and depending on your capital needs and credit risk profile, our line of credit goes from $100K to $5M. Besides the fees already mentioned, we don’t charge any application or extra fee. You won’t have to worry about a surprise if you use our services.
  5. We work with all types of businesses in the cannabis industry. We give cannabis funding to manufacturers, cultivators, brands, distributors, retailers, and ancillary. It doesn’t matter if you need cannabis equipment financing, purchase money, or any other invoice type. We work with you to meet your needs.


Contact us or apply now to Bespoke Financial if you are interested in cannabis funding to grow your business.

Cannabis Funding
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Cannabis Funding
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